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What’s the most attractive facial feature?

Well, opinions may vary, but a recent report released by fast life ranked the eye at the top. According to the study, a beautiful set of eyes is one of the mostly used definitive standards of what’s currently being considered attractive in this cosmos. That pretty much explains why most women nowadays never balk at the thought of doing whatever is at their power to get their eyes even more attractive.

From applying eye makeup to wearing colored contact lenses, options abound. But none of them is complete on its own—not in the modern sense, without the recently developed in-demand cosmetic procedure, the double eyelid surgery.

Otherwise known as blepharoplasty, the double eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure that removes the excess skin, muscle and fat in the eyelids to reshape and make them less droopy and puffy. The surgery is always performed under anesthesia with a local sedation and may take 1 to 3 hours to get done.

To remove the excess fat, muscle, and skin, nearly invisible incisions will be made in each eyelid. These incisions made are virtually invisible, considering they are made is such a way that they overlay with the natural creases in the eyelids.

Creating the Double Folds

Basically this surgical procedure involves breaking up the upper eyelid into two folds so as to redesign it completely. This can be achieved using two methods.

One is the popular Asian culture placement of temporary stitches on the upper eyelid to develop a wider upper crease. The problem with this method is that it produces temporary results as the fold will only be visible when the threads are still on.

The second method, which happens to be the most effective and advanced, involves the surgical removal of the eyelid tissue. First an incision is made, followed by the removal of the eyelid tissue and finally, a well-defined crease created at the lower eyelid platform to create the fold.

It takes 3 to 14 days for one to recover completely when they opt for this method. In addition, one is always required to come back after three weeks to remove the stitches and undergo further checkup so as to ensure the crease created is permanent and well-defined.double eyelid surgery

During the time, one is expected to avoid getting involved in activities that exposes them to too much sunshine.


This surgical procedure can work for absolutely anyone, regardless of their facial shape. Though used mostly by models, actresses, and most of the celebrity figures that appear on tube, they can be used by anyone wishing to define their eye shape or make their face appear younger than they actually look.

In a way the procedure can help improve one’s vision, by moving the eyelids away from the line of eye sight. This and a lot more can be determined while consulting a cosmetic eyelid surgeon.

Bear in mind that these procedure cannot remove wrinkles and crow’s feet or rectify the dark circles that appear under the eye, unless they’re loosely hanging on the skin to be removed. There are treatments for these, but it’s always important to consult the surgeon in case of something else before further arrangements can be made.

The cost of double-eyelid surgery tends to vary from one cosmetic surgeon to another or from one region to another. While expensive isn’t always the best option, it’s advisable NOT to make any decision based solely on the amount charged. Instead, try looking for a cosmetic surgeon with good experience and proper qualifications.

The pricing may be way higher or lower depending on the location, but there’s a lot more to consider than pricing when choosing a cosmetic surgeon to work with. For instance, it may be advisable to look at factors such as the anesthesia used, pre-and post-operative care administered, laboratory testing and the medication offered.

So far nothing serious has been reported with regards to the possible side effects associated with the procedure. One may experience discomfort, light sensitivity or itchy eyes, but these effects often disappear within a day or two of getting the surgery done.

Other case, though very rare, includes eye hematoma, damaged eyeballs, asymmetrical eyelids, inflection and worse, vision loss. That’s the main reason a surgeon’s experience with double eyelid surgery should always take precedence over anything else. With a well-trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon, one shouldn’t worry about any of these.
Asian Double Eyelid Double Eyelid Surgery Singapore Blepharoplasty

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