Outstanding Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation

Fue hair transplant clinic Lahore PakistanFUE is the latest hair transplantation method which is being increasingly popular because of the advantages it has. FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction and it differs from the older FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method in that it is based on extraction of individual follicular units directly from the donor area of the hair restoration patient, preferably one at a time, while in FUT method a strip of skin from the patient’s donor area and dissected into many follicular units which are then transplanted into the recipient area.

The main advantage of FUE over FUT is larger donor pools can be created with FUE by harvesting follicles from areas other than head, like legs, chest, abdomen, face, beard, back and arms.

Let’s see what the other advantages of FUE are.

No Scarring

This is a major reason why people are more attracted to FUE than other hair growth solution is that it leaves no scars on your head. Usual hair transplant procedures leave big linear scars on the backside of head. However, FUE doesn’t give those scars.

Quick Healing

FUE air transplant is minimally invasive. Hair transplant surgeries in the early days were highly undependable and often gave negative results. However FUE has changed things for better.FUE is highly dependable and effective, and one of its main benefits is it heals fast. In earlier methods, healing could take even up to some months, but FUE’s surgical wound heals within just a week and patient can continue his routine life in a week.

Natural Method

FUE produces natural looking results and others cannot recognize your surgery area. Other procedures give unnatural looking results.

Painless Procedure

FUE is a totally painless procedure. You also don’t have to have stitches and so, you get your new hair transplanted without any pain. Even you can wear short hair after the procedure and nobody can make out that you have got your hair transplanted.

Reliable Results

With FUE surgery you can rest assured that you will get reliable results. The doctor can even have control over your hair growth pattern. S/He will place the hair follicles strategically in such a way that your head will look full of hair.

Minimum Risk of Infections

Some hair transplant procedures have a maximum risk of infections after the procedure, but with FUE this risk is minimized.

Hair Quality

The quality of your new hair won’t be different than our old hair; so, nobody can understand that you have undergone hair transplant unless you tell them.

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