Tips to Quicken the Tattoo Removal Process

tattoo removal at Surgical DermatologyTattoos look lovely and people not having them fall for them. However, once these people get tattoos, they regret because the deeply embedded tattoo ink creates problems, and so, they want to remove the tattoos. Surgeons at, a Las Vegas laser tattoo removal clinic, use advanced laser technology which safely enters the skin and targets each tattoo ink color with particular wavelengths to fade them in a course of 5 to 15 sessions. To speed up the process of fading, even you on your own can make some efforts. Here are some tips.


Once you leave the clinic after a treatment session, a large part of the tattoo removal is done by your body. During the treatment, the laser breaks the ink molecules; however, your body has to perform the major task of flushing them out of your system. This can be sped up by good blood circulation and a good circulation can be achieved by regular exercise. So, if you do regular exercise, it will help your tattoo fade and heal much faster.

Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker, quitting smoking will bring about further improvement in your blood circulation. Smoking contract blood vessels and so, the broken down ink particles don’t move easily through them and out of your system.

tattoo removal at Surgical Dermatology

No Tanning

If you tan, don’t tan the tattoo or its immediately surrounding area. This is because, the laser works by distinguishing between your skin and the tattoo, throwing wavelengths of light towards the tattoo and not the skin around it. The higher the contrast in these two, the greater the surgeon can increase the laser intensity without the worry of hypopigmentation (skin lightening) or hyperpigmentation (skin darkening). If on the other hand, your skin tone resembles that of the tattoo, they have to treat you more conservatively, which eventually results in more treatment sessions, and your tattoo removal will be prolonged.

Have a Significant Gap between Appointments

Surgeons at Surgical Dermatology advice their clients to wait for at least 6 to 8 weeks between two sessions; but they also say that waiting for even longer is in fact ideal. It’s a misconception that laser treatments done with small gaps hasten the tattoo removal process. This is because most of the work takes place when you go through your everyday life and not when you sit in the treatment room.

Keep these points in mind and apply them in your life if you are serious about tattoo removal and want to get rid of them fast. The “before-after” pictures of laser tattoo removal in this article are the courtesy of

tattoo removal at Surgical Dermatology

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