How to Take care of Your Beautiful Eyes


Eyes are very important parts of our body, but we often take them for granted and just don’t care about them. We all are so busy in taking care of our hair, skin and other parts of the body but we have been completely neglecting the subject ‘eye care’.


Crow’s feet and dark circles are the two most common problems that are seen with eye care. There are remedies to overcome these problems. Please follow the below mentioned tips if you really care for your eyes and you want them to work for you for long time.

Important tips on Eye Care


1. Plenty of Rest: Eyes are the most utilized part of our body. Have you experienced migraines while driving at night? Many people complain that they get migraines when they face bright lights from other cars. To overcome this problem, you should provide enough rest to your eyes. When your eyes rest properly, you will experience lesser migraines. Rest comes first in taking care of your eyes.


2. Healthy Diet: Vegetables and fruits are the recommended diets for taking care of your eyes. Yellow fruits and vegetables are normally considered to be the best for eyes. The veggies and fruits are full of beta carotene, which is very good for eyes. Mangoes, squash, papaya, and spinach have beta carotene in them. These foods can help you in enhancing and keeping healthy eyes.


3. Drinking lot of water: The skin that surrounds our eyes is very thin and there are lots of blood vessels underneath. If you want to prevent puffiness around your eyes, you should drink lot of water. We often notice puffiness around our eyes, the reason is, whenever we get dehydrated our body absorbs some water and this causes puffiness around eyes. One should consume more than eight glasses of water per day to maintain healthy eyes.


4. Exercise for eyes: There are some exercises that you can do for your eyes. This will provide plenty of oxygen and your eyes will work better. These eye exercises give you a very relaxing effect. Move your eyeballs around, move from left to right and then move them up and down. To prevent blurred vision, you can hold a pencil or pen at your arms length and bring it towards your nose slowly. Make sure that you keep your eyes focused on the object.

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