Importance of Using Natural Skin Care Products

Vedic Bloom Natural Artisanal Face Mask by iHeart NatureDo you know which the largest organ of our body is? It’s our skin! Skin also is the first organ to face foreign attacks. It keeps our internal organs safe and protected from the attacks of microorganisms, pollutants and other harmful substances. All in all, the healthier our skin, the safer are our inner organs. Therefore we should take care of our skin and protect it from harmful substances, because our skin absorbs whatever we place on it.

But do you know that the so-called ‘skin care’ products can be harmful to our skin because of their chemical ingredients? Here are a few chemical ingredients used in today’s beauty products and their adverse effects on skin and health.

Parabens: Parabens used in beauty products as preservatives have estrogen-mimicking properties due to which they increase the risk of breast cancer.

Phthalates: Phthalates used in several beauty products are infamous for disrupting endocrine system and increasing the risk of breast cancer, reproductive birth defects in females and males, and early breast development in girls. You should be careful to avoid chemically produced beauty products because phthalates are often not mentioned separately on the ingredient labels and are included in ‘fragrances’.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): This chemical used in majority of beauty products is an irritant for skin, eyes and lungs. It also has a potential to combine with other chemicals to produce nitrosamine which is a carcinogen.

And there are so many others! What’s the solution?

Use Natural Skin Care Products

Using natural skin care products is a definite way to protect your skin from harmful chemicals. Take for example the skin care products by iHeart Nature. They are produced by a panel of expert holistic healers that uses natural botanicals and Ayurvedic herbs to produce them. These herbs include turmeric, basil, neem, lavender, fenugreek, jajoba, sandalwood, and more. Other natural ingredients include ayurvedic clay, charcoal, argan oil, sacha inchi oil and more.

iHeart Nature Holy Basil Lavender Soap

Why to Choose Natural Ingredients?

Natural ingredients come from nature and our skin and overall body is also made by nature. Therefore natural ingredients are perfectly compatible with our skin and overall health. They don’t cause any adverse effects that can be caused by chemical ingredients. Moreover, they work for improving the skin’s quality and strength, by rooting out its problems. On the other hand, chemical beauty products take care of only symptoms making you feel that problem is over, while the problem is not cured, but the chemicals mess with our body processes causing various other health problems as mentioned above. Thus, they don’t make our skin healthy or beautiful but give rise to some other dangerous health issues.

Ayurvedic herbal ingredients have been used since ages and are time-tested to cure various skin problems and other health problems. As mentioned earlier, they eliminate the root cause of the health issues and so, their effects are long-lasting and even permanent. And they are totally safe for our overall health.

Liberation Cleansing Oil by iHeart Nature

Effects on the Environment

Natural skin care product ingredients being originated from the nature are good for environment as they are easily biodegradable. Also they are sustainable and thus are kind on the environment. On the other hand, chemical beauty product ingredients when sprayed in the air or flowed down the waterways cause a tremendous harm to the environment by messing with ecosystems. Even their production process is harmful for the environment. Thus, while using natural skin care products like those by iHeart Nature, you don’t have to carry the guilt of harming the environment.

So, if you were using chemically produced skin care products so far, trash them at once and switch to natural skin care products. They will make you way more beautiful and keep you healthy.

iHeart Nature Hand Crafted Small Artisanal Batches

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