Innovative PRP-ACell Combination to Get Back a Head Full of Hair

hair growth treatment before-afterHaving no hair or thinning hair is a distress like nothing else. It’s not particularly a serious disease, but still it creates a tender spot in our mind which keeps paining while we are busy with our life. Thanks to the hair transplant technology due to which one can get her/his hair back; however, it brings a huge cost with it; plus, not everyone prefers to undergo a surgery. But now, there is a more preferable option available – PRP-Acell for Hair loss by Minneapolis Evolve Hair Clinic!

What are Acell and PRP?

Acell: Acell is a regenerative medication that helps in healing of damaged tissue in our body. This is a topical medication that speeds of the healing of wounds. It’s a complex protein gibbet gained from the tissue of pigs, that are similar to human tissues, and is also known as maristream.

All the cellular material is removed while producing Acell and then Acell is sterilized, which ensures safety. Acell is a very sophisticated product and provides body the scaffold which contains a range of proteins and collagen because of which wounds are healed faster.

PRP: PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It has been in use in Europe for more than a decade. Lately it is being widely used in the US as a restorative medicine for injuries to athletes and women and men with joint pain or degenerative muscle loss. It is also used effectively for incontinence problem in women and erectile dysfunction in men. And now it has been proven as an effective solution to hair loss and also in hair transplant surgery.

The combination of Acell and PRP accelerates hair growth and heals the wounds that arise from the needle.

Evolve Hair Clinic welcomes people to their clinic in Minnesota to get educated more on how the Acell-PRP combination helps women and men to overcome thinning of hair. You can set up a free consultation with them.

In short, at Evolve Hair Clinic you can get a treatment on your thinning hair without undergoing surgery. The treatment includes:

Taking out 60 cc of plasma from the patient’s body
Spinning it twice in a high-tech centrifuge machine
Next is numbing of scalp’s top
Injecting the pure plasma obtained from the above process in the thinning hair area and remaining scalp
New hair grows within 90 days, while your existing hair thickens within 60 to 90 days up to 65%. If there is dormant hair on the scalp, it gets activated and starts growing again within 90 to 180 days.

Evolve is the leading clinic in the Midwest for giving this innovative treatment for hair growth.

So, what do you think now? Aren’t you feeling confident? Throw away your nervousness about your hair and look forward to having a head full of hair!

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