Mouth Wrinkle Reduction in an Absolutely Safe and Affordable Way

dermastripWrinkles create worries! When we see the first wrinkle on our face, we start getting a bit depressed with a thought that we have started aging. We also imagine that these wrinkles will slowly increase making our face more and more unsightly. Then we think of botox! And we also think of the risks it carries! We know that it’s some kind of poison and we are not ready to take it into our skin. We apply variety of face packs, only to find them of no use. So, what the heck we can do for these nasty wrinkles? Don’t worry, now a very effective, and yet non-invasive, non-penetrative way of mouth wrinkle reduction is available! It’s AngelLift Dermastrips!

What is AngelLift Dermastrip? is a company that offers an innovative device called DERMASTRIPS with which you can start correcting the lower facial wrinkles in the comfort of your own home without having to visit any surgeon, cosmetologist or any expensive specialist, and without having to go through the expensive, time-consuming and risky treatments demanding a lot of aftercare they offer.

Angel Lift started their mission a decade ago by researching technology to rectify nerve damage*. During their research, they encountered with the technology which they use today in Dermastrips and were amazed to see how effective it was in reducing wrinkles around the mouth. This is a non-prescriptive and surgical grade technology that helps to reduce laugh and smoker lines surrounding the mouth.

*NOTE: AngelLift Dermastrip is not a treatment for nerve damage.

before & after using Dermastrips

Angel Lift believes in not injecting anything in the body or not undergoing a surgical procedure to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Their Dermastrip is a safe and non-invasive or non-penetrative, yet an affordable way to do that.

Even a clinical study has found that the AngelLift Device shows a statistically remarkable improvement in the appearance of wrinkles around mouth within 30 days of treatment.

How Does Dermastrip Work?

Dermastrip is based on a very simple fact. As we age, the pressure which is maintained by our gums and lips is reduced because our gums recede and our lips lose volume. Dermastrip just helps to regain this pressure. When placed inside mouth, beneath the upper or lower lip, just above the teeth, along the gum line, Dermastrip brings back the lost pressure, in an all-natural way! So, you get correction without injection! Dermastrips are made from a special, surgical-grade, soft and hypoallergenic resin. You get them in a pair with a specially designed case for hygienic storage.

before & after using Dermastrips

How to Use it?

Using Dermastrip is extremely easy.

  • With a deep penetrating moisturizer, moisturize your face before the treatment. You can use Dermasome by Angel Lift which is an all natural, deep hydrating, botanical-based moisturizing gel made from organic extracts to maintain water molecules together, just like aloe and other succulent plants. The gel carries active salts deep within your skin where they react quickly with your facial muscles and relax the skin tension and at the same time providing highly effective, oil-free moisturization. It can be safely used on the face without irritation that is caused with fragrances, preservatives or oils.
  • Wash the strips every time before using with an anti-plaque soap or mouthwash.
  • Choose the part you want to treat (upper or lower mouth) and place a Dermastrip inside just above the teeth, along the gum line, under the lip. Once you place it, close mouth and relax.
  • During the first 30 days of treatment, the wearing time should be increased slowly, by 30 minutes per day. You should feel more and more comfortable at every use.

So, if you are worried about your wrinkles, you need not worry anymore as Dermstrip is here – an absolutely safe and affordable way to give you freedom from wrinkles!

before & after using Dermastrips

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