Natural Beauty Products – Luxury for Your Hair and Skin Health

How far can you go for the safety of your skin and hair? I am sure you can go to a luxurious level. The same luxury has been brought to you by LuxNatures (Ivanna Ilin) on Etsy in form of luxury natural skin care for affordable price. The products will make you fall in love with them.

When you use natural products, you get a number of outstanding benefits besides getting beautiful skin and hair. Here are some:

  • No Irritation: Synthetic cosmetics contain artificial chemicals, colors, fragrances and many other ingredients that can irritate your skin. With products containing natural ingredients, possibility of irritation is eliminated.
  • No Harm to Nose: Artificial fragrances added to synthetic beauty products act for masking the smell of other chemicals. The fragrances can bring headache to many people. On the contrary, natural products smell just natural and hence are soft on our nose.
  • No Adverse Effects: Synthetic products are known to cause a variety of adverse effects which vary from person to person. Natural products don’t cause any adverse effects.

Here are some products of LuxNatures which are pure, gentle and safe. And there are many more on their website!

Burdock Shampoo: It contains Burdock root powder, Olive, Henna, Nettle and Rosemary in powdered form. All these herbs are known to help hair grow and become stronger and healthier! It has got many other ingredients too which are beneficial for hair growth, like Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil and Shea Butter.

burdock shampoo

Sea Buckthorn Reishi Infusion Vetyver Face Cream: This is an exclusive face cream that will offer your skin the luxurious glow you always dream of. It is rich with butters, oils and natural additives that are beneficial for any type of skin. It contains Sea Buckthorn Oil, Mango Butter, Vitamin E Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Jajoba Oil, Reishi Infusion, and more!sea buckthorn face cream


Special Soaps: Soaps by LuxNatures will attract you at once merely because of their appearance as they just look so pure and rich with natural ingredients, that you get an assurance of a healthy skin. Plus you will get them in still reduced price because the July mega sale is going on! So, grab them as many as you can!


Before and After Sun Lotion: You should be ready for the sun and your skin too, in summers, on beaches or during tropical holidays. LuxNature presents Before and After Sun Lotion which contains oils and butters and natural SPF protection. It contains Carrot Seed Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Juice, all of which provide a soothing effect.

before and after sun lotion

Papaya Oil Face Cream: This luxurious face cream is sure to tone and brighten up your face. Papaya is one of the fruits offered by the Nature which is known for centuries for its good effects on skin health. It has been used in this cream with all its goodness to benefit you.

papaya oil face cream

And there are lots of such products containing wonderful, rich natural ingredients like Carrot Seed, Cucumber, Aloe, Potato, Tomato Seed, Baobab Seed, Vitamin E and many more. Visit the website and get known about them and bring a luxury to hair and skincare routine.

business  card LuxNature

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