Preventing Split Ends of Your Hair

Majority of women are concerned about their hair, no matter what kind of hairstyle they have. Along with all the important concerns about hair, there is one mo re worry that the women who have long hairs suffer from and that is split ends. As hairs start to grow, end of the hairs tend to split into two or three sometimes. If this problem is ignored they tend to develop and move upwards. The only solution to prevent split ends is cut them. There is no particular remedy for this problem. So, the best way is to stop them from developing. This can be achieved by caring for your hair properly and implementing some preventive measures.

So if you can’t fix them then the only option is to stop them from occurring. Some tips to help you in putting an end to split ends are as follows:

1. Avoid brush when wet. Wet hair is very sensitive compared to dry hair, so try to towel dry as much as possible before using brush. While using a brush, make sure you use a comb that has wide teeth or soft bristles, do not use nylon bristles on your hair. Try to release the knots with your hand, if you have long hair comb will damage it when to comb out the knots. It is good to divide tangled hair into parts and then untangle with the help of your fingers.

2. Heat is worse for your hair. Try to avoid hair dryer on your hair, over drying hair with a blow dryer is not good for your hair. It is better to dry it with towel. You should also cut down on using straightening irons, curlers and crimps as much as possible.

3. Alcohol is not for hairs. Avoid conditioners and shampoos that include alcohol. Alcohol will make your hair dry and make it brittle and will ultimately result in split ends.

4. Purchase a hat. Make sure you wear a heat when you are under the sun outside. This will avoid sun bleaching on your hair.

5. Water is important. Keep your hair moisturized all the time, after every shampoo, make sure you use a conditioner, but both should not contain alcohol. Drink as much water as possible, it will keep your hair and body hydrated.

6. Be careful in accessorizing. While buying hair accessories make sure those are made of soft materials as hard plastic will ruin your hair, damaged and old accessories are an important cause of split ends. You should also make sure that hair bands are covered with soft materials and do not use elastic bands.

7. Over conditioning is not good. Make sure you don’t over condition your hair. If you do that you are stopping your body from producing natural oils that help in moisturizing your hair. Split ends normally occur due to dehydration.

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