Useful Information on Acne Scars to Help You Get Rid of Them

acne scarsAdolescence is the time of life when anyone wants to look the best and unfortunately this is the time when the nasty acne and acne scars attack. Almost all the girls and boys suffering from acne and the scars get frustrated because getting rid of these scars is never easy, and most of the time they persist throughout one’s life. Fortunately, some remedies have been found out with which the ugly scars can be lightened and even removed. Here is some useful information for you.

What is Acne Scar?

An acne scar is the mark that remains after your acne is healed. These marks are of different types but are typically referred to as acne scars.

Acne starts when sebum (skin oil) and dead cells start accumulating in your skin pores. They look black (blackheads) or white (whiteheads). This environment is perfect for the proliferation of the bacteria P. acnes (Propionibacterium acnes) which flourish there and further cause inflammation of the inner skin layer (dermis).

When acne heals, it leaves various types of scars depending on the specific reactions that it has caused underneath your skin. These are mainly:

  • Hypertropic: Red, thick and raised and remains within the borders of the original wound
  • Keloid: Thick, bulging mounds usually red or darker than surrounding skin caused by overproduction of collagen that exceeds the borders of the original wound
  • Atrophic: Sunken or depressed areas caused by damaged collagen, fat and other tissues beneath the skin

Fortunately there are various acne care products like Hiruscar that heals all these types of acne scars with its natural ingredients that offer safety as well as efficacy.

Plus, you should take some precautions for not making your scars worse. Here are some.

Don’t Squeeze

It’s quite tempting to squeeze your black- or whitehead and get rid of the grain inside. But avoid that temptation because it helps your acne grow and leaves very bad scars.

Minimize Touch to Face

It’s because dirt and microbes on your hands can further clog your pores and worsen acne. If you feel irritated due to acne, use soft, oil-free wipes to clean the face and reduce irritation.

Avoid Exposure to UV Rays

Sun is good for immune system. But avoid overexposure to sun and its UV rays because that can make your acne scars permanent.

Choose Cosmetics Wisely

Take care of choosing non-toxic cosmetics and use them occasionally. Certain cosmetics can worsen acne and heighten your risk of scarring.

Also, exercise regularly, eat healthy meals, take ample sleep, avoid stress and smoking, and keep your beds, clothes and towels clean. Taking all these precautions will certainly help you in minimizing or lightening your acne scars.

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