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Vitamins To Get Rid of Grey Hair

As we grow older, our hair bulb melanin decreases and that causes out hair to turn gray. Usually, the first gray hairs appear somewhere near the temples, after that they slowly spread to the crown and at the end we have gray hairs even on the back if the head. Even though we might find gray hairs not so attractive and wanted, this process is commonly gradual and there is no possibility to prevent it. Luckily, there are some ways to get rid of gray hairs. Vitamins and minerals and the diet rich with exact nutrients can be beneficial for restoring our natural hair color. Why? As we said, melanin production in the body is important for keeping our hair in natural color and nutrient and vitamin deficiency can cause reduced production of melanin.

So, how to prevent or reverse grey hair naturally? What to eat and what to avoid? Protein-rich food is something you should eat a lot: eggs, cereals, whole grains, lean meats, soy. Protein-rich food will help your hair keep its natural shine and good texture, while at the same time it can help in restoring pigment. Vitamin B is important for healthy skin and care and it is essential for the production of melanin in the body. To treat your gray hairs, eat the mixture of plain yoghurt and yeast on daily basis. There are several recipes available on the internet, the most common is: 4 cups of yoghurt and 4 tablespoons of yeast.

Bananas and carrots contain Iodine and Iron, important minerals for maintaining healthy blood and hair. Fresh juices (vegetable and fruit), because they contain protective antioxidants and they detoxify your body. Copper is also an important mineral for the melanin production, so eat food such as sunflower seeds, crab and oysters.

Whenever it is possible, you should avoid eating foods containing additives, such as preservatives and artificial colors, because they put a strain on human digestive system and it causes brittle, dry hair.