6 Useful Steps to Buy and Start a Healthcare Insurance Agency

starting health insurance agencyStarting your own healthcare insurance agency is a lucrative thought. Selling health insurance is an interesting job and commission you may get is also quite remunerative. As such you can get a lot of health insurance companies on sale and can seemingly start your own health insurance company easily. However you will have to go through some steps for starting your own health insurance agency. Experts at Springtree Group, LLC, share here knowledge about what you should do to start your healthcare insurance agency.

1. Learn the Exact Requirements

You will firstly have to know what exactly you require to start an agency. For this you can approach the insurance board of your state. In almost all states, the license for a healthcare insurance agent comes bundled with life insurance qualifications.

2. Fingerprints and Background Check Form

You will have to give your fingerprints and fill a background check form of your state. In most states, the providers’ list of these is provided at the insurance boards.

Background check takes a lot of time and so, it’s better to apply for it before you start your healthcare insurance education.

If you have a criminal record, you will not get a healthcare insurance license.

You can find out if there is any reason to be afraid of your background check at your state insurance board.

3. Training

Next, you should register for training in life and healthcare insurance license. Both types of training are available – onsite classroom training or distant learning through the internet. Most of the times, you can complete your training in 40 hours.

After training you get a certification of completion. You may also get background check clearance at the same time, if you time it correctly.

4. Life and Healthcare Insurance Exam

After you get your training completion certificate and background check clearance notice, you can register for the exam of life and healthcare insurance.

Then you can give the exam. Study well and pass the exam. 70 percent or more are required to pass the exam.

5. Temporary License

You will get a temporary license with which you can start your healthcare insurance work.

6. Buy a Healthcare Insurance Agency

Take help of the Springtree Group to buy an insurance agency. They have numerous nationally known lenders as their partners who offer products and services especially for insurance agents’ and brokers’ community. You will get an endless list of healthcare insurance agencies on sale created by their research team, outbound telemarketing group, over 5,000 sell-side intermediaries, and an extensive network of consultants, CPAs, attorneys, bankers, PEGs, DOIs and agency owners.

So, go through these steps and you can start your healthcare insurance agency smoothly.

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