Becoming a CNA in Texas – A Lucrative Career

The career of CNA i.e. Certified Nursing Assistant or Aide is a very prosperous one because the number of adults is ever increasing who require medical care. The state of Texas is no exception and there is a lot of scope here for CNAs. The openings for the job of CNA in Texas are expected to grow at a rate of 28% in the coming decade. Average annual salary for a CNA is $22,000 in Texas, but it may vary according to where you are based in Texas. A lot of individuals wishing to become CNA in Texas need proper guidance about what to do exactly to choose this particular career. But they don’t have to worry, because there are lots of CNA classes in Texas and a well-defined procedure so that they will hardly come across any difficulty. Let’s see what you should do to become a CNA in Texas.

Becoming a CNA in Texas means that you can work with any nursing home or any long term care organization. However, you will have to complete certain requirements to receive your certificate in Texas as a CNA.

Firstly, you must complete a CNA training program approved by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. After this, you will have to pass the Nurse Aide Exam conducted by the state. After completion of the training program and passing the exam, you will be registered and listed as a holder of CNA certification to work in Texas.

Training Program

Firstly you will find an approved training program for CNA in your state. Request for information about timeline and fees of the course, when you find such a course.

Those who want to complete a CNA training program in Texas must know about certain requirements before they enroll for the program. Firstly, most of the schools require candidates for the program to have a high school diploma i.e. GED. Students need to be at least 18 years old. Candidates will also undergo a criminal background check as well as full health examination, before enrolling for the program. This is done with all medical-related programs in order to maintain safety and well being of patients who will be under the care of a CNA.

The CNA classes in Texas require their students to be present at the program for at least 75 hours. Out of these, about 57 will take place in classroom and extra 24 hours are spent in a medical establishment, where students can get hands-on training and experience. These skills are useful while appearing for the final examination for licensing. So, it is important to get most of the training out of the training school.

You will get CPR training certificate as a part of the curriculum. And you will learn:

• Recognition of abuse or resident foul play
• Procedures of sanitation and infection management
• Communication with mentally ill patients
• Handling of emergency situations
• Assisting residents to cope up with facing death
• Grooming activities for incapable patients

Procedures of CNA Testing and Application for CNA Certificate in Texas

Firstly you have to find a testing site and register there for taking your CNA certificate exam. Sometimes the institution where you get your CNA training also serves as a testing site.
It is good to take practice tests before appearing for the actual test.


The test comprises of a written section and a section of skill assessment. In the written section, there are 70 multiple-option questions, while the skill assessment part consists of completing any four nurse aide tasks out of five.

When you complete the test successfully, you are added to the Texas State Nurse Aide Registry. You receive a paper proof at your home by mail. You can also print your certificate from the internet.
Now, you are all ready to prepare a professional resume and search for CNA jobs!

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