Fast Food, BUT Whole Based & Nutrient Dense

YevoThe food industry is perhaps the largest industries in the world. It is also of course the fastest growing industries. The biggest advantage is that the business runs on ‘food’. No matter what comes around this world or what state people are in ‘food’ is an essential resource needed by all and at all times. It is one of the most basic elements for human beings’ survival. That is again of course the reason why there is an ongoing splurge of new entrants in this industry and there is an ever increasing fierce competition. With varieties of food options available in the market one has to think out of the box to make more business, to make more money. The Trillion Dollar FOOD Industry goes MLM with Peter Castleman’s new nutrient dense, whole food products named YEVO in the USA.
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Health Insurance Advisor’s Event for Health Cause

lupus-LSM bowling event 1It’s a nice combination when a successful health insurance advisor organizes an event for a health cause. We are talking about Lorne Marr who organized a wonderful bowling event this February to help Lupus Ontario, a charity helping lupus patients. Lorne Marr is the Director of New Business Development of LSM Insurance in Markham, Ontario. CFP, MBA, and a health insurance advisor for more than 11 years, Lorne Marr has been an eligible MDRT member since 1994 and this year he qualified for MDRT Court of the Table. Lorne Marr believes in keeping a healthy balance between personal and business life, and also involves himself in philanthropy.

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Sirius Infusonic Device

sirius infusonicWomen do their best to enhance and maintain their natural beauty. High quality skincare products are inevitable part of a daily beauty regimen. But, is it possible to do more for your skin without aesthetic surgery? Sirius Infusonic Sonic Infusion Device is the tool claiming to achieve more effective skincare product application compared to traditional manual application. This device substitutes sonic technology for traditional manual skincare application (“finger tapping”) in order to ensure consistent and effective infusion of high quality skin care products. Lotions, creams, moisturizers and serums you use have to be of a high quality if you want to achieve the best results with your everyday beauty regimen, but Infusonic will help you achieve even more with this products. The device infuses any moisturizer, cream, serum or lotion beneath the surface enhancing absorption of product’s active ingredients. If you use the Infusonic on a daily basis, you can promote hydrated, smooth and healthier skin. Continue reading Sirius Infusonic Device

The Secret Art Of Living-The Greatest Wealth Is Health

Are you always aware of the fact that the greatest wealth is your health? Is it enough to care about your overall well-being once you become ill? If your answer to these questions is negative, it is important to reconsider your priorities and to care more about your health, by improving your lifestyle. The Secret Art of Living is an e-book or audio course that can help you fight off illnesses, lose weight and prevent from getting sick. This product shows and explains what are the things you should do everyday to improve your overall health and well-being – absolutely naturally. Continue reading The Secret Art Of Living-The Greatest Wealth Is Health

New Maharishi Ayurveda Health Blog Launches

In recent years, more and more people trust comprehensive healthcare systems where physician look at the body as a whole. There are many alternative medicine practices, and Maharishi Ayurveda is one of those dating back to 1980. Three Ayurvedic experts from India – Dr. Triguna, Dr. Balaraj and Dr. Dwivedi started working together with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of transcendental meditation. They gathered to create authentic herbal drug formulations according to Ayurvedic prescriptions and to establish an international network of medical workers, schools and clinics. Since then, Maharishi Ayurveda is dedicated to enable people worldwide to live healthy and happy life. If you are interested in alternative medicine and natural healing remedies, Maharishi Ayurveda might be the perfect choice for you. New Maharishi Ayurveda Health Blog launches and you should surely check it out. Visit for more information! Continue reading New Maharishi Ayurveda Health Blog Launches – Bringing Comfort in Lives of the Disabled!

If a person is disabled since birth or becomes so due to some mishap, his or her life becomes miserable. Because of the difficulty in performing any activity, the pain, the helplessness and the feeling of being a burden on others make such people unhappy and depressed. It is therefore our duty to make life of these people as happy as possible and in that task, various disability equipment are of a lot of help. These instruments help a lot in performing the desired activities independently, with least level of pain and so they create a sense of confidence and happiness in the users. Lynch Healthcare is one of the most eminent manufacturers of these appliances, working for happiness of the disabled since 2009. By visiting, you can get valuable information about various disability tools.
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