7 Pediatric Dental Emergencies that You Shouldn’t Ignore

As parents, you care a lot for your children’s teeth so as to make their teeth strong and healthy right from the beginning. However, there are some scenarios in which you just don’t understand what to do. These may be dental emergencies.

What are Pediatric Dental Emergency Services?

Pediatric dental emergency services include any urgent dental care that can offer quick relief to a child’s oral pain. They can include repairing damage to a tooth or addressing other problems that can worsen if left unattended. Restoration and pain management may also be included if required.

When to Call a Pediatric Dentist in Emergency?

You don’t know if your child needs pediatric dental emergency service; so, when to call a dentist? Here are conditions that indicate that your child needs emergency care and you should call or visit a pediatric dentist Parker for example.

1.Fractured or Broken Teeth

As children play a lot, broken or fractured teeth are not uncommon in them. If it happens in your child, collect as many pieces of her/his broken tooth as you can. The broken edges of a tooth can be covered with dental wax so as to lower the risk of injuring other parts of mouth.

2. Avulsed (Knocked-out) Teeth

If your child gets knocked-out teeth, s/he should be checked by a dentist as soon as possible. If the child is old, the tooth can be cleaned with warm water and placed gently back into its socket. However, if the child is young, don’t place the tooth in her/his mouth, because there is a risk of the child swallowing the tooth.

3. Severe Toothache and Sense of Pressure

If your child is suffering from severe toothache, it’s time to call your dentist on emergency basis. Ask the child if s/he is experiencing a sense of pressure or earache together with toothache.

4. Tooth Sensitivity

Just like grownups, children too can suffer from sensitive teeth. However, reasons are often different. Toddlers and young kids experience pain in their “baby teeth” sometimes and older kids may have sensitive teeth because of an injury or cavity. Such sensitive teeth should be checked by a dentist.

5. Cavities (Dental Decay)

Dental decay or cavities can take place in both – baby teeth and permanent teeth. Luckily, cavities can be treated in childhood by pediatric dentists. If your child is having toothache or sensitivity, s/he should be checked for cavities.

6. Dental Abscess

An abscess is an extremely painful infection that happens inside the root of a tooth. In the event of an abscess, your child may experience swollen gums, bad taste in mouth and fever. Call or visit your dentist immediately if you suspect an abscess to prevent the infection from spreading elsewhere in the mouth.

7. Worn Tooth Enamel

If your child is experiencing teeth sensitivity, s/he may have tooth enamel worn down due to grinding or some other problems. A pediatric dentist can help strengthen your kid’s enamel and relieve pain.

Don’t ignore your child’s dental problem and s/he will thank you for the whole life.

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