Get Close to Nature for Great Smile

smile of Tyra BanksWhile we envy the smile of Tyra Banks and wish that we too had a bit of its beauty, it seems impossible for us to achieve it. But believe me, you can get it. After all, what is needed for a great smile? Sparkling teeth! And you can get them by taking a little more care of them. It is suggested by all the dentists in the world to keep good oral hygiene, eat healthy meals and leave vices like smoking and alcohol to get healthy problem-free teeth. If you are still keener in keeping dental health, you will find a lot of things in your kitchen, garden and grocery which can offer you that. Dr. Daniel Vinograd previously working at Alpha Dental and now shifted to a new facility just 3 miles away offers his patients many such natural and holistic methods to keep good dental health which can result into great smiles.

Vitamin C

natural souces of vitamin cWe always hear and read that raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good for keeping diseases like heart problem and diabetes at bay. But do you know that they are also good for our dental health? These substances offer the necessary vitamins for our teeth. One such vitamin is vitamin C which is utmost essential for dental health. It is capable of fighting inflammation linked with gum disease. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid which has been proven clinically to accelerate the natural healing system of body and thereby develop and regenerate healthy tissues. Therefore it has been believed to be an excellent remedy for gum disease.

Studies published in the Journal of Periodontology suggest that adults who take in low levels of vitamin C are more prone to gum disease. In one more study, patients of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) suffering from vitamin C deficiency needed more time to recover after dental surgeries.

Moreover, lack of vitamin C can result into scurvy, a condition triggered by the body’s inability to synthesize collagen. Once scurvy makes its appearance, it can give rise to many other gum related diseases like swollen gums, loose teeth, bleeding gums and tooth loss.

You should eat a lot of citrus fruits, green peppers, tomatoes and potatoes, which are loaded with vitamin C. Your goal should be to eat 60 mg of these substances to get the required vitamin C. This is for prevention of gum disease. Those who are already suffering from gum disease should take in 120 mg of vitamin C daily. Supplements can suffice this quota. However, experts are of opinion that they should be avoided as they have high levels of acid which erodes tooth enamel.

Cranberry Juice

cranberry juiceCranberries in their natural state have high amounts of antioxidants. It is a tart fruit associated with holiday traditions. They are used in jams, sauces, as dried and can be made into juice. A glass of fresh natural cranberry juice without sugar can effectively combat gum disease and promote dental health.

Cranberries are supposed to be one of the richest fruits in terms of antioxidants, containing more than 150 health-promoting phytochemicals. They are loaded with vitamin C, resveratrol, catechins, anthocyanins and quercetin. In short, the tiny fruit has a powerful nutritional punch that can knock down dental plaque and fights gum disease.

Tea Tree Oil

Bowl of Olive OilTea tree oil has been in use since centuries to cure sore throat and acne, and as an antiseptic. Because of its strong antibacterial properties it offers an extra protection against gum disease.

In a double-blind placebo-controlled study, about 50 patients of gingivitis were instructed to brush teeth twice daily and underwent dental checkup in the fourth and eighth weeks. It was seen that in those patients who brushed with tea tree, gum bleeding and other gingivitis symptoms were reduced considerably.

Before the invention of chemically synthesized medicines, people used to treat their health problems with substances offered by Nature and they did well. Plus their diet was more natural and they used to undergo a lot of physical labor. In short, they were nearer to Nature and so enjoyed better health than today’s man. If we wish to have that good health we too should get close to Nature again and involve more and more natural foods and medicines in our life. This will give us good overall health along with good dental health.

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