Top 5 Tips to Whiten Your Teeth and Brighten Your Smile

dental health tipsWhether it is your personal life or professional life, your smile is your best tool to success and it’s always in your favor to make it and keep it bright, radiant and impressive. Here are a few tips to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile.

1. Your Teeth should be As White As the White of Your Eyes

With age, our teeth turn yellower; therefore getting them professionally whitened is a good investment. For achieving the most natural shade, ask your dentist to achieve the shade of the white of your eyes, as that will be the brightest shade of white for your teeth.

2. Be Keen in Brushing

As everyone might know, brushing is of utmost importance in a healthy smile. While brushing twice everyday for a couple of minutes every time with  good whitening toothpaste and an electric toothbrush is key to achieve such a smile and white teeth, it’s  not only about how long you brush for. It’s important that how you brush. A great way to ensure that your brushing is perfect is to ask your dentist to prescribe you a brushing routine. It’s possible that you may need to pay more attention to some particular areas; the small tweak can bring a big difference.

3. Double Floss

Another important dental routine is flossing. Especially, flossing before and after brushing can give you a deeper, more effective clean. It will prevent dark stains at corners between teeth that brushing cannot reach and removes plaque there before it converts into stain-forming tartar.

4. Use a Smart Toothbrush

Discuss with your dentist about which brush to use and how to use it to tailor to your needs. Today’s smart brushes not only remove twice as much plaque as a manual toothbrush, but their new innovative Bluetooth technology can eliminate bad brushing habits. The brushes keep you in constant touch with your dentist, you can share your compliance statistics with your dentist and hygienist via email, so that they can track and discuss improvement areas and help you improve your oral care routines.

5. Think of Hair and Makeup

The correct tone of lipstick and hair color not only offers your skin a lively glow but also make your teeth look brighter. Moisturizers and foundations with light-reflecting properties combined with toothpaste that offers shine to your teeth will offer your teeth a sparkle.

Avoid orange or brown-based lip colors because they can highlight the yellow traces in your teeth. Also consider the tone of your hair color; for example, getting too far from your natural hair color, such as too light, can make your teeth look darker.

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