Use of Study Drugs by College Students to get Higher Grades

study drugsAll the time of a collegiate is spend in attending club meetings, watching or playing games of intramural volleyball, sorority mixers and applying for that deadly summer internship; so, who has even some time to study in college? Given such a chaotic life, collegiates today have become typical procrastinators. But what would they do if they have not even started studying and there is an exam tomorrow morning? Many collegiates have found a solution which is quite risky, and it is called study drugs.

What is a Study Drug?

A study drug is a prescription medicine which stimulates brain to increase productivity and focus for studying. It is also known as a smart drug and is usually prescribed for the treatment of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). If used without a prescription, a study drug can cause serious ill effects, along with being illegal. In spite of these dangers, around 1 in 5 college-going students uses study drugs to get a temporary enhancement of energy.

Dangers and Prizes

Study drugs can enhance motivation to study and focus. However these short-lived benefits come for a price.

Stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall are designed to offer increased focus to users. Experts agree that when used correctly under the supervision of a doctor, these drugs are very effective in diseases like ADHD and ADD.

Those having ADHD or ADD get a soothing effect upon having these drugs because they increase the dopamine level in brain and ADHD sufferers are considered to be deficient in dopamine. In such a condition, if the drug is taken by those who don’t have ADHD, they have high chances to suffer from euphoria and restlessness because their dopamine level is normal.

The misuse of study drugs can be even more dangerous when they are taken on a regular basis and along with alcohol or other such substances.

Those who take these drugs only occasionally for study have high chances to crash once the drug wears off. Because of the crash, depression and exhaustion can occur because dopamine and energy supplies of the body are all used up.

While they offer increased focus and concentration, they also bring about short-term dangers like increase in blood pressure, heart rate, insomnia and nervousness. Many students have undergone all these adverse effects though they used the drug only once.

National Institute on Drug Abuse states that Adderall can result into impulsive behavior, hallucination, irritability and paranoia.

Along with health issues, these drugs can bring you severe legal problems like jail, fines and even suspension from school. Misusing prescription drugs is illegal, whether it is with or without a prescription. Also passing these drugs to other is illegal.

There are long-term threats too. Drugs like Adderall are known to cause severe sde effects when used together with antidepressants like Nardil and Marplan. Study drugs can cause life-threatening consequences when taken along with drugs taken for the treatment of eating disorders, depression and anxiety disorders. has lots of information about study drugs, their effects and what type of healthier alternatives are available. Go through this site to know better and live a healthy life.

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