4 Essential Points to Consider while Buying Perfect Baby Diapers

tips for choosing the perfect baby diapersYour baby is the apple of your eye and you want everything for her/him the best. While we pay more attention to buy new clothes and accessories to adorn the baby to get praises from others, we often ignore the very important and basic clothing, i.e. diapers! If you are keeping only your convenience in mind while buying diapers for your baby and not her/his health and comfort, you may make a grave mistake, the consequences of which has to be suffered by your little one. Here are tips on what you should look for while buying baby diapers.

1. Absorbency


While considering which diaper to buy, absorbency is the prime factor. Absorbency refers to the amount of liquid the diaper can hold, how well it distributes across the diaper’s core and wicks away from the baby and how long it keeps your baby’s skin protected from the moisture. Poor absorbency can expose baby’s skin continuously to dampness which can cause diaper rash. Read good huggies vs pampers reviews before heading out towards the shop.


2. SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer)


If you are wondering what diapers are made of that decides their absorbency, the secret ingredient used in almost all disposable diapers is SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer. This is a powder that looks like extremely fine white sand and is included between the outer and inner layers of the diaper, i.e. into the middle absorbent layer. It is this substance that absorbs urine and wet fecal matter and keeps it trapped. It is considered to be non-toxic and safe and even green diaper brands use it.


3. Good Fit


Fit varies from diaper to diaper. A good fit is essential to avoid leakage. A double elastic sealing edge is provided by most diaper brands, one of which runs along the absorbent core and the other along the outer layer.

However, all diapers don’t perform similar in leakage protection because materials differ significantly. Also every baby is unique and has different measurements; hence finding a perfect fit involves a lot of trial and error. So, you need to try multiple brands to find the best fitting one. Try to avoid buying in bulk until you find your perfect diaper.


4. Baby’s Comfort


Your baby’s comfort not only depends on super absorbency as well as fit, but also on softness of materials. Securing tabs should be perfect and should have rounded soft corners. Also, seams and edges should be seamless to prevent chafing.

Consider all these points to find a perfect diaper that will keep your baby safe and comfortable all the time.

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