5 Super Workout Tips for Optimal Strength

5 tips for optimal strength 2Physical strength is the base of almost all goals of physique and performance. If you are strong, you can gain muscle size, walk or run faster, lose fat, play longer, hit harder and move furniture in your home as per your wife’s instructions more easily. Gym workouts or workouts at home are very important in order to get strength. Visit GymJunkies.com who provides health and fitness information to achieve optimal strength and peak performance. Here are five tips about gaining maximum strength with the workout you do.

1. The Big “Four”

Deadlift, shoulder press, bench press and squat are the big “four”. These are the best workouts for strength building. Though chinup an row are great, you better not make them center of your workout, as they can be just assistance lifts to support the shoulder and bench press, keeping a balance between your pressing and pulling muscles.

2. Barbells

If you are obsessed with some fad equipment, forget it and remember that barbell is the ultimate king, his queen is dumbbell and everything else is a court clown, i.e. they are not essential, whether you do them or not. So, begin your exercise with barbell exercises, like the “big four” mentioned above. Barbells make you load enormous weight and lifting heavy weight is the first step to become stronger. Right after your heaviest strength workouts are done, you can continue with the dumbbell as well as bodyweight training.

3. The Simplest, the Best

Some trainers train their clients by making them lift with a particular rep speed, e.g. three seconds up, one second down. But remember that you need not count anything except reps during a set. Just concentrate on lifting and bringing your weights down in a controlled way, with a pause of 1 second count upon the lift. An arbitrary tempo can reduce tension on your muscles or compel you to use various amounts of weights, thereby decelerating your progress. The only way you can ensure that your strength is increasing is if you can lift more and more loads.

4. Keep a Log

Keeping track of your most reps with a particular weight on an exercise and your best lifts by writing down your workouts, reps, sets and the fate of each exercise is the best idea. And then you should aim at improving those numbers constantly.

5. No Overdoing

Try to maintain only three to four lifts in every workout. Maintaining your workouts short this way will help you to take benefit of hormonal surges. If you do a lot of exercises in a session, some of them are bound to get done half-assed. All you have to do is one main lift at every workout (i.e. one amongst the big four), 1-2 assistance lifts (for maintaining a balance in the body and strengthening muscles further that make the main lift) and then specialty or core work finally (some calf or forearm moves or ab exercises, based on your goals). Doing any more than these can reduce your results.

Take these tips to maximize strength from the workouts you do, and that will certainly increase your interest and enthusiasm, and thereby enjoyment in the daily workouts.

5 tips for optimal strength 2

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