Bearded Men & Dry Skin

preventing beard dandruffClean-shaven look ruled for several years; now, it’s the time for beard! Sale of razors and blades has gone down drastically. This is actually more concerned with economic recession than fashion and trend. However, it’s a collateral benefit that a beard looks great. It has other obvious benefits too; it saves your money on shaving kits, rids you from the morning ritual of shaving and offers you something you want the most – a few minutes more in bed. But what we are concerned here is the dry skin under beard and dandruff caused thereby. Skin, wherever it is on your body – should be healthy, and not dry and flaky; and if it is so under beard, it causes much of irritation as well as embarrassment.

Causes of Dry Skin under Beard

If you understand the causes of dry skin under beard, you can avoid them and thus beard dandruff can be prevented in the first place, rather than treating it after it occurs.

Cold Weather

Cold weather is infamous to cause dry skin because it lacks moisture and soaks moisture from your skin. Skin under beard is also not an exception; therefore it becomes dry too in cold weather.

Carelessness about Facial Hair

Though beard eliminates your shaving ritual, it is not easy to maintain. It is neither enough nor healthy to grow beard and leave it. You should take proper care of your beard hair and skin below. If you neglect your beard hair, the skin below will become dry, as it loses its natural oils.

Harsh Grooming Products

Though looking good is your ultimate aim behind buying beard grooming products, you should first pay attention to your skin health and so, you should check the grooming products carefully. Alcohol and other harsh chemicals in these grooming products take away moisture from your skin and make it dry and flaky. Some others soak the natural oils and clog skin pores making your skin dry and unhealthy.


Stress can also be a major causative factor for dry skin under beard. The stress hormone cortisol, which is released in excess by the body while being under stress, breaks down collagen, a hormone responsible for maintaining skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

Treating Dry Skin

If after taking much of care, you get dry skin under beard, or if you already have it, you have to treat it. Here are some tips.

Use Mild Beard Shampoos: Specially designed beard shampoos are great for maintaining the moisture in the skin. You will find countless beard shampoos on the market. Choose a mild one and use it 2-3 times a week.

Avoid Hot Water: Preferably avoid hot water to wash beard as it irritates the skin and makes it dry. Prefer cold or lukewarm water instead.

Moisturize: If you keep your beard skin moisturized, it won’t be dry. Use beard moisturizers and oils for this purpose.

Healthy Diet: Eat lots of fruits and food containing beta carotene and vitamin A to prevent dry skin.

Keep Away from Stress: Take enough sleep, avoid unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol and drugs, meditate and take things lightly. is an excellent website to get information on how to avoid and treat beard dry skin and dandruff. Keep in touch with this portal to make your skin healthy.

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