Become Fully Healthy and Achieve Your Goals of Life

Michelle Cohen doing high intensity exerciseWhat is your goal of life? Your replies may include becoming an entrepreneur, or a scientist, or a rock star and many such dreams. Should I tell you my dream? I want to be fully healthy! You may call me foolish, because you may think that being healthy is not a big task. However, this is not true. Being fully healthy is actually the biggest task in life and if we are totally healthy, we can achieve whatever we want. Michelle Cohen at You Live Life Well teaches you to pursue a lifestyle full of health with lots of exercises like squats and high intensity training, and proper nutrition.

Why is High Intensity Exercise Necessary for our Health?

It’s normally considered that people suffering from chronic health conditions should not do vigorous exercises because they have no stamina to do these exercises. But studies have proven this belief wrong. It has been proven that high intensity exercise is not only good but even better than regular low-intensity exercise for patients having conditions like stroke, heart attack, pulmonary disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and arthritis.

The research strongly proposes that the high intensity interval training is a more difficult but at the same time more efficient and pleasurable form of exercise, and it is not only safe, but also more effective in preventing and even reversing the discrepancies related to several chronic diseases.

Michelle Cohen doing high intensity exercise

What does High Intensity Interval Exercise Do?

The best thing about high intensity interval training is you can perform it easily whoever you are and in whatever conditions you are in. It doesn’t need any equipment and it offers benefits like:

  • Increase in aerobic power
  • Reduction in total and visceral fat mass
  • Improvement in heart health and functioning of blood vessels
  • Improving insulin sensitivity

And there are more! And all of them can be achieved just in less than an hour per month (by dedicating total 4-6 minutes to HIIT by doing it 2 to 3 times per week)!

Michelle Cohen Trains You to Gain Health through Lots of Squats and High Intensity Training

Michelle Cohen was never a sporty person; but after taking training in Muay Thai boxing, yoga and dance, she realized the new strength built in her – physical as well as mental. And therefore, after working in lifestyle, fashion and PR for a long time, she turned to the career of fitness.

Michelle Cohen has received an extensive Strength training with world-famous coaches like Charles Poliquin and is a Master Trainer herself. She specializes in body sculpting, strength and muscle gain, weight loss, HIIT, athletic performance and rehabilitation. At her website,, you can also read informative articles about exercise and nutrition, and also healthy and tasty recipes.

Join Michelle Cohen to become fully healthy and achieve your goals of life.

Michelle Cohen doing high intensity exercise

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