Chiropractic – Excellent Remedy for Headaches

headache_and chiropracticChiropractic has been proven to relieve many musculoskeletal disorders and the commonest amongst them is headache. A headache can arise of anything from loud noise, stress of work, constipation and toothache to certain types of smells and even wearing wrong spectacles. The commonest cause is subluxations (permanent or temporary misalignment of a vertebrae causing nerve interference) in neck and upper back. This can be treated effectively with chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic Remedy for Headaches

A report released in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics mentioned that therapy of spinal manipulation proved to be very effective in tension headaches. It also found that the relief sustained in those who stopped the treatment after four weeks, as opposed to the patients taking pain medications. This was supported by a study published by the scientists at Durham, NC’s the Duke University Evidence-based Practice Center in 2001 has mentioned that chiropractic spinal manipulation gave an immediate relief in headaches originated in neck. This therapy has longer-lasting pain relief and remarkably less side effects than the routinely prescribed medicines.

Chiropractic treatment is not same for any type of headache, though. Before starting the treatment, it is needed to evaluate the case of patient. Nevertheless, a considerable improvement is achieved through adjustments of the junction of thoracic and cervical spine along with manipulation of two upper cervical vertebrae, in most tension headache cases. In most migraine headaches too, these adjustments work provided lifestyle or food triggers are avoided.

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Here it will be helpful if some types of headaches are discussed in brief.

Tension Headache: This is the commonest type of headache and more than 75% of sufferers are affected by this type of headache. It’s a dull, continuously occurring achy feeling either on only one or both sides of the head. Most sufferers feel as if their head has been tied with a tight band. Some also suffer pain behind the eyes or around the head. It can last for a few minutes or even for some days. Bad posture or stress are common causes of tension headache.

Migraine Headache: Main sufferers of migraine headache are women. The pain manifests itself as throbbing and intense one, usually along with nausea and sensitivity to noise or light. This pain lasts from some hours to some days. Some sufferers experience “aura” or visual symptoms just before the attack, generally in form of flashing lights.

Cluster Headache: This is a typically short duration headache and generally experienced behind eyes on one side of the head. Victims of this type of headache are typically common in men. Also its another characteristic is it occurs at night too. The name has been given because its tendency of occurring 1 to 4 times a day for many days. Duration between two of such clusters can be some months or even years.

Trigger Point Therapy

This involves four muscles, the Suboccipitals, the Splenius, the Trapezius and the Sternocleidomastoid (SCM). Splenius muscles consist of two individual muscles, viz. the Splenius Cervicis and Splenius Capitis. Both of them pass from the upper back to the upper cervical vertebrae (S. cervicis) or the base of skull (S. capitis). A common origin of headache is the trigger points in these muscles that pass through the head towards the rear of the eyes and top of the head.

Avoiding Triggers

Avoiding triggers like certain foods, odors and weather change is advisable. Stress too must be avoided as it is one major causative factor. Other common causative triggers are anxiety, depression, letdown, frustration and sometimes even happy excitement.

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