Disease Prevention – the Basic Need of a Healthy World

ebola-awarenessWe all have learned in our school years while studying science that prevention is better than cure. There is indeed an important component of healthcare called prophylaxis meaning preventive healthcare and it comprises of measures to be taken for preventing a disease rather than treating it. Just as health includes various physical and mental stages, diseases too are affected by disease agents, genetic predisposition, environmental factors and lifestyle choices. Disease prevention depends on defensive actions that can be classified as primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

Disease prevention is a vast subject and includes innumerable factors.

Regular Health Checkup

Even if you feel overall healthy you should get a regular health checkup done to identify in case if there are any likely symptoms of diseases. Such a checkup includes disease screening, checking risk factors, know about healthy lifestyle and get vaccines regularly. Some general disease screenings are done for hypertension, hyperglycemia (a risk factor for diabetes), hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol), colon cancer, HIV, depression and osteoporosis. Genetic tests can also be done to screen genetic disorders or tendency of particular diseases like ovarian or breast cancer. However, all these measures cannot be afforded by every individual and this is a topic of concern.

Primary Prevention

Primary prevention includes methods for avoiding an episode of disease either by eradicating the disease agents or increasing immunity to disease. These include immunization, taking a healthy diet, regular exercises and avoiding smoking.

Secondary Prevention

Secondary disease prevention includes methods to detect and deal with an already occurred disease before symptoms start showing, e.g. treating hypertension (a threat leading to several cardiovascular diseases).

Tertiary Prevention

Tertiary prevention includes methods to minimize the negative effects of symptomatic diseases like disability or even death, through treatment and rehabilitation, e.g. surgeries which are done to stop the spread of disease.

Major Causes of Preventable Death

Major causes of preventable death in the world are hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol, malnutrition, STDs, poor diet, excess weight and obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol, indoor air pollution, unsafe water and poor sanitation.

http://www.pciglobal.org/disease-prevention/ is committed to prevent diseases, improve community health and encourage sustainable development across the world. They envision a world wherein plentiful resources can be shared, communities can provide health to their members and children and families can attain lives for good health, self-sufficiency and hope. PCI has been founded by Dr. James Turpin with an aim to change the lives of millions of people in the world by providing proper health to them.disease prevention


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