E-cigarettes – Take an Educated Decision

starter kitElectronic cigarettes are gaining a lot of popularity and those smokers who want to quit tobacco smoking are looking at it as a help. Because there are no regulations on e-cigs unlike tobacco smoking, they are easily available too. You can get them in a brick-n-mortar or online vapour store. But anyone who desires to quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes may have at least some doubt regarding their efficiency and safety. So, it should be considered whether e cigarettes are really healthy.

What is it?

Firstly, for those who don’t know what e cigarettes are, a little about their working. An e cigarette works by giving a cloud of vapour instead of smoke. Upon a puff, a battery in the e cigarette heats up nicotine creating vapour which is inhaled into lungs. The idea behind this is to give a sensation of tobacco smoke in mouth and lungs, without actually smoking it.


E cigarettes have undergone certain studies which have observed their positive health benefits.

  • A study done on 40 tobacco smokers, it was found that e-cigarette smoking calmed down the desire to smoke, was well-accepted and more like a Nicorette inhaler pharmacologically than tobacco.
  • In one more study done on 50 tobacco smokers, who couldn’t quit completely but want to save themselves from the health hazards, it was found that e-cigarettes dramatically reduced their cigarette usage with no withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, when the participants smoked e-cigs, the level of nicotine in their blood remained pretty stable and their desire to quit was intact.
  • In a series of case studies, the e-cigs were proven helpful for three participants to quit smoking. These three had a known history of failed attempts even with professional quit-smoking assistance techniques.
  • A 2010-study conducted online with visitors to websites and dedicated to e-cigs and quit smoking. 3,587 people participated in this study of which 70% were erstwhile smokers, 61% were males, and the average age was about 41 years. Participants used the e-cigs for about 3 months, took 120 puffs per day and used 5 cartridges. Almost all used cartridges with nicotine. 96% said that e cigs helped them to quit tobacco, while 92% found they got their smoking reduced. All these studies revealed that nearly all the participants used cartridges containing nicotine. Majority of them said that e-cigs helped them stand cravings and withdrawal symptoms and avoided relapses.

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E-cigarettes have some drawbacks too and if you want to take an educated decision, you should know them.

  • E-cigs were found to lack health warnings, clear instructions about usage, proper labeling and safe disposal methods according to a research paper published in 2010 in Tobacco Control. The authors also mentioned that some of the cartridges leaked which could lead to a toxic contact with nicotine.
  • Another study published in CHEST issue of December 2011 observed that smoking e-cigs for five minutes resulted in acute pulmonary effects, though the study also mentioned that the effects might not be clinically significant. 40 healthy non-smokers of which 30 were experimental (nicotine cartridge in place) and 10 were control (nicotine cartridge removed), participated in the study who were asked to smoke e-cigs for 5 minutes, and their lungs were tested. It was found that there was an increased impedance, oxidative stress and resistance to peripheral airway flow.

Looking at all these pros and cons, e-cigs appear to be less dangerous than tobacco smoking, though not yet fully proven to be safe. So, you can definitely take its help in quitting smoking.

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