Electric Rideables: A New Outdoor Craze for Men Offering Tremendous Health Benefits

electric mountain boardThere is no end to the passion of adventure of man. It has given rise to many sports and sports equipment that amaze the viewers and sometimes terrify too. A new outdoor craze for men today are electric rideables, like electric skateboards, uni-wheel, and many such sports gadgets which raise adrenaline of the user, and enthrall viewers and at the same time, make them flabbergasted, with a thought about whether the user would be safe or not. And as these sports activities are mainly taken up by young boys and men, their parents are worried about their safety. But you can take a sigh of relief, because it has been proven that these rideables are actually good for health. Let’s take a look at some of their outstanding benefits.


skateboardingSkateboarding is not only a sport, but almost a lifestyle, an art form and a culture by now. Children are crazy about it and doing it since decades. It is called an extreme sport because of the activity level involved. The latest craze is electric skateboard which is an ultimate fun activity and an affordable travel mode too. If you do it carefully, you are bound to get tremendous health benefits.

Flexibility: For riding the skateboard like an expert, your ankles should work faultlessly which needs practice. It is not only ankles which are made flexible by skateboarding, but the whole body which is supported on the board gets training for flexibility too. If your body is strained and tense, it won’t be able to undertake the activity easily. Thus, skateboarding brings tremendous flexibility in body.

Full Body Workout: Today’s age is of inactivity and eventually of obesity. Kids spend hours watching TV or playing video games, nibbling chips and other empty calorie foods. Result? Pounds of flesh accumulating on their bodies! Skateboarding offers a full body workout, because while balancing, the user has to use her/his whole body. A person using skateboard cannot accumulate extra fats.

Body Endurance: Skateboarding is equally captivating as video games. Players cannot give up merely after some minutes of riding. They do it for hours because it is so enjoyable. This increases their body endurance to great levels.

Precision: It can easily be seen that skateboarding needs extreme precision. A second of distraction can result into a serious mistake. If children get training of precision like this during their growth years, it is useful for them for the entire life, because the brain is trained to take the right decision of movements and correct stepping, which is useful in emergency situations and strenuous activities.

Coordination: Precision is brought about by the coordination of legs, feet, arms and eyes. Your eyes need to pay attention to every side as well as how your rest of the body is moving. Legs, feet and arms should obey the commands of brain which it gets due to what it sees. Resulting is a wonderful coordination between all these organs and eventually all muscles.

Training of Patience and Falls: If you are worried that your child will fall and get seriously injured during skateboarding, you should understand that children learn from falling. Of course, you should take due care by ensuring that they have equipped themselves with helmets and pads. But falling should not be your reason to worry because when kids fall their fear of falling is eradicated and they learn to face tough situations. Similarly they also learn to have patience. If your child, or for that matter, an adult too, used to be adamant before, you will find that s/he has becomes more patient after learning skateboarding because the sport teaches them patience.

Freedom from Stress: As such, any physical exercise is an effective way to get freedom from stress and skateboarding is a superb physical activity. Basically it takes your mind away from troublesome things of life at least from some time, which relieves stress, empowers mind and enables it to take correct decisions in difficult situations which bring about more peace of mind. You feel confident of being more in control of your life’s many aspects.

General Health: As your body becomes extremely active and functional due to skateboarding, it leads you to a sure way of overall health, because firstly your fat and cholesterol levels become healthy, so your strength and enduring power increases a lot. Secondly, as you learn to balance and coordinate, your stress is relieved and you get a never-before joy and peace of mind, because of which you learn to enjoy even the smallest things in life. This brings an outstanding improvement in your general health.

Electric Mountain Board: Courtesy Chinavasion.com

Electric Mountain Board: Courtesy Chinavasion.com


unicyclingOther latest craze amongst adventure-lovers is the uni-wheel or uni-cycling. This is a single-wheel mode of transportation or recreation toy, powered either by legs or electricity. It is not as complex as bicycles but it needs tremendous balance which trains the person using it to get trained into a whole new set of skills. Besides, it also offers exceptional health benefits.

Cardiovascular Health: Uni-cycling is a moderate workout. It offers same cardiovascular benefits that are offered by many other exercises that are unkind to your joints. Hilary Commission in New Zealand has recently found that uni-cycling lowers the levels of bad cholesterol if done regularly. It is an aerobic exercise, and any aerobic workout may give you a short-term fatigue. But it ultimately leads to improved stamina as your body is trained to be more active with every use.

Strengthening of Muscles: Obviously, as your calf muscles are used for uni-cycling if it is leg-powered, they are strengthened a lot. But as a bonus, your core muscles (which are the most important muscles of all for physical fitness) are strengthened when you try to balance on the uni-wheel. Research has proved that when core muscles are properly trained and strengthened, your whole body becomes strong and healthy.

Coordination: Uni-wheel involves balancing of an ultimate level. In Japan, uni-cycling has been included in the education curriculum as an essential activity because it has been proven to increase balance and motor skills, which helps mind to concentrate. You are required to focus while balancing on a uni-wheel which brings about concentration and stress relief.

Electric Uni-wheel: Courtesy Chinavasion.com

Electric Uni-wheel: Courtesy Chinavasion.com

So, if you are worried about your child or some of your other near and dear ones, because they are crazy of these adventurous sports activities, stop worrying, because these activities are going to make them extremely healthy. What’s more, even you can start learning them to improve your health!

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