Enjoy Real Flavor and Health with Saffron

health benefits of saffronSaffron is a wonderful spice which can add to the flavor of sweet dishes like milk or kheer as well as savory dishes like biryani! But do you know that saffron has tremendous health benefits too? It indeed has and so, we should regularly consume this priceless spice.

Saffron is produced in many countries around the world like Morocco, Greece, Spain, Italy, Iran and even in India in the state of Kashmir. The process of harvesting saffron is quite labor-intensive. It comes from the stigmas of the flower of a plant named Crocus sativus which are handpicked, cut from their white styles and dried over heat to intensify the flavor. And therefore saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world.

Saffron is valued for its health benefits too. Here are some of them.

Protection against Cancer: One of the many valuable ingredients of saffron is a-crocin which is a water soluble carotene and provides saffron its characteristic golden color. This substance has been found to stimulate apoptosis (automatic cell death) in different types of cancers, including colon adenocarcinoma, ovarian carcinoma, leukemia and soft tissue sarcoma. Scientists in Mexico working on saffron extract have found that the active components in saffron have an ability to stop human malignant cells. The wonderful fact is that saffron has no such effect on healthy cells and in fact it stimulates their generation, particularly lymphocytes (cells that help kill cancer cells).

Boosts Memory Retention: The above-mentioned a-crocin in saffron has also been found to slow down age-related mental impairment. In Japan, saffron is given the form of capsules and is used to treat Parkinson’s disease, inflammation and memory loss.

Treatment of Delayed Puberty: Saffron has a stimulating effect in underdeveloped girls. A pinch of saffron mashed in a tablespoon of milk can stimulate hormones and develop the normal course of growth.

Treatment of Low Libido: Saffron is an excellent libido enhancer when taken with a glass of milk at bedtime.

Treatment of Baldness: Saffron can treat alopecia when mixed with milk and liquorice and applied topically.

Treatment of Cold: Saffron can effectively treat cold and fever. When mixed with milk and applied over the forehead, it relieves cold quickly.

Natural Food Additive: Instead of using chemical food additives to add color and flavor to culinary dishes, you can use saffron as a safe additive and keep you and your family safe.

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Don’t miss saffron’s outstanding medicinal benefits. Include it in your daily diet and enjoy real flavor and health!

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