Floating Therapy – A Simple Concept that Offers Tremendous Health Benefits

floatation tank melbourneGetting health benefits from floating is such a simple concept that it may seem too good to be true. But, it is true and this truth has been proven scientifically. A floatation tank offers our body the much desired rest and relaxation through which our body can do its job of self-healing to an optimum level.


The concept behind floatation therapy is to offer body a chance to heal its wear and tear which it can do naturally when we go in deep sleep. We know that sleep is necessary so that our body can get the rest it wants and we also know that when our body gets such a rest it heals itself. However, it’s not always the case that we get such a restful sleep. On the contrary, our sleep can be disturbed due to various reasons, like bumpy bed, too hot or too cold atmosphere, sounds (e.g. snoring), a medical condition, urge of urination, pests like mosquitoes and so on. A floatation tank therefore is created where our entire body can get relaxed and we can go into a deep state of relaxation.

Benefits of Deep Relaxation while Floating

The deep state of relaxation offers stress relief and pain relief. This is brought about when the blood flow is stimulated and reaches every tissue, endorphins are released, and alpha waves are emitted from brain that are associated to restfulness and meditation. Overall, floating is extremely soothing.

Controlled studies have observed an improved athletic performance before the event. It has also been found that creativity of artists too improves and they can create high quality works. Students too are benefited by floating and remember better what they learn and concentrate more on studies. Chronic pain like arthritic pain is relived for long after floating therapy. So also, floating is tremendously beneficial for people with mental issues like stress, anxiety, depression etc. People taking the therapy feel that 3 hours in a floatation tank is equally restful to that rendered by a sleep for a whole night.

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Findings of More Research

More research has been done and is being done which shows that learning becomes more effective while floating. Learning a language and solving problems are improved while floating.

Positive suggestions regarding giving up smoking or becoming more confident at work have been found to be more effective while floating.

Research on body chemistry and brain waves has confirmed that floating causes real physiological effects related to high quality relaxation and improved learning ability.

Floating Sessions

In an hour-long floating session, the deep relaxation stage is normally achieved in the first 15 minutes and retains for the remaining period which passes away quickly. Maximum health benefits are achieved during this part of the session, but continue after that too. You can feel the freshness even on the next day.

Who Do Not Enjoy Floating?

Generally, everyone enjoys floating. There is actually no restriction. Everyone including pregnant women, athletes and professionals can float. However, those with clinical depression or some types of schizophrenia do not feel happy while floating, though floating is beneficial for improving their conditions.

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