Head to Bouncing Health through Detoxifying Agents

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detox padsToday our life is full of stress and pollution. Stale news? But you will find this certainly new that you can cope up with the world of stress and pollution! How? With various detoxifying methods! There are detox pads, detox diets, detox fasts, and many other methods to detoxify your body. But you will have to remember not to use them in excess, as anything in excess is bad. And of course, you have to consult your healthcare provider before doing anything about your health. Let’s see some detoxifying substances and how we can include them in our diet.

TurmericBy now, turmeric has been very well established scientifically as a potent detoxifying agent. Its antibacterial property is well-known. In India, it is being used since ages to heal wounds, to cure cough and cold and as a skin-clearing agent in ceremonies like weddings. It is used regularly in Indian cuisine. You too can use turmeric in preparing vegetable or meat dishes. ½ to 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder is enough to prepare 1 kg of meat or vegetable. Of course, other spices like chili powder, salt, tomato, onion etc too are necessary to achieve a yummy taste. You can also mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric and 2 teaspoons of sugar in a glass of milk and drink it hot. This is really tasty and clears any respiratory tract infection. And if you can bear it, take ½ inch of raw turmeric, crush it and add salt to taste and eat it every morning on empty stomach. This is the most effective detoxifying routine.

BasilBasil too is slowly gaining recognition in the medical world as a potent detoxifier. Basil tastes good, at least not bad at all. You can plant it in your garden and eat only its five leaves daily in the morning. Basil not only clears of toxins when taken this way, but it also clears toxins from the atmosphere when planted around your house. You can also prepare basil tea and drink on empty stomach in the morning. Just add 4-5 leaves to your regular tea and it’s done.

Neem (Indian Lilac – Azadirachta indica)
neemThis is a big tree and it also has a strong ability to clear toxins off from air as well as from body. You should essentially plant it in your garden to keep air clean. However to eat it as it is, is a real difficult task, because it is horrendously bitter. So, you will have to prepare a special chutney. A small bowl of this chutney (4-5 spoons) is enough for entire family. Everybody will have to have a spoonful of it every morning. Kids can even be given half spoon. Take 4-5 leaves, 2-3 black pepper, 10-12 coriander seeds, and ½ spoon cumin seeds. Wash the leaves and crush all the ingredients together to make a fine paste. Add water if necessary. Your neem chutney is ready. If you don’t have time to prepare it daily, you can prepare a little more quantity in your spare time and keep it in refrigerator to have it for a week. But fresh is always better.

There are many such precious, yet low-costing herbs around us, like Amla (Indian gooseberry), ginger, manjishtha, shilajit, Aloe vera, and many others, which can be used to detoxify our body. You can plant them in your garden to keep the air clean. Make a routine of detox and you get a feeling of bouncing health in this world of stress and pollution!

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