Hypnosis can Improve Your Life

hypnosis hubTV shows and stage hypnotists have spoiled the image of hypnotists and hypnosis. However an increasing body of research backs its benefits in the treatment of an extensive range of disorders including depression, pain, phobias and anxiety.

A psychologist and American Society of Clinical Hypnosis fellow, Michael Yapko, PhD says that hypnosis works and experimental support is unmistakable in that, but most people won’t regard it as a therapy.

Hypnosis can form a highly relaxed state of inner concentration, and the method can be tailored to various treatment techniques, like cognitive-behavioral therapy. Even patients can learn to hypnotize themselves and reduce conditions like depression, sleep problems and anxiety.

Hypnosis is in use for centuries for management of pain, including in the Civil War when surgeons in the Army used to hypnotize wounded soldiers, before performing amputations. Recent researches have proven its efficacy as a tool to lessen pain.

In a study conducted by H. Montgomery, PhD, the Director of Integrative Behavioral Medicine Program, 200 breast cancer patients were given a 15-minute hypnosis session before the surgery. It was proven that the patients reported less pain, fatigue, discomfort and nausea. It was also found that $772 were saved per patient in this group, mainly because of the reduced surgical time. The hypnotized patients required less sedative propofol and analgesic lidocaine during surgery.

This proves that hypnosis is helpful for reducing the stress of patients and evoke positive expectations in them about the results of surgery, according to Montgomery.

In another study conducted by Montgomery and colleagues and published in Health Psychology of 2009, it was found that a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnosis could lessen fatigue in breast cancer patients taking radiation therapy.

Research has also proven that hypnosis is beneficial for burn patients.

Not a Cure-all

Hypnosis is not a cure-all. But it is because different persons respond hypnotherapy differently. It has not been found why it is so. The hypnotizability of a person, however, can be measured by a scale.

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