Importance of Under Sink Water Filters

under sink filterIf you run a big household and if you need water filtration for drinking and cooking, under sink water filter systems offer the best alternative to you, in comparison to bottled water and water filter pitchers, regarding water waste as well as financial expense. Under sink water filters do need some modifications to your plumbing for their installation, but in most cases, these filters last pretty longer and they are more efficient in filtering out impurities than filter pitchers or refrigerator filters. Most under sink filters are available with a water dispenser too which enables you to select between unfiltered and filtered water. After you install these filters, you can easily change the filters with removing canister easily and setting the new cartridge in. As they are hidden under your kitchen sink, don’t occupy space on your counter or in your fridge. You can get them in a wide range of sizes to fit your space and with different price tags to match with your financial wants.

Which Impurities are Removed by Under Sink Water Filters?

Majority of under sink filters make use of an activated carbon filter media which decreases the bad flavor that comes with chlorine, odor and taste. Some even feature pre-filters which remove dirt, sediment, slit, sand, limescale and rust. If these filters are more advanced they also eliminate other pollutants as small-sized as .5 microns, like algae, herbicides, lead, microbial cysts, pesticides and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). You should make a test for your water prior to purchasing an under sink filter to decide which impurities should be eliminated. You can do it in a water testing lab or even in home with the help of a water testing kit.

under sink filtration system

Strictly follow the instructions given on the package while installing your under sink water filter. The installation procedure is basically as follows:

  • Several under sink filter systems are available with an idependent dispenser, enabling you to select unfiltered or filtered water, for a variety of uses. You have to install the faucet dispenser available with the installation kit over the kitchen counter. Most of them are created to fit the additional hole of the sink, where usually the sprayer is situated, but if it is occupied already and you wish to continue the location of the sprayer, you will need to drill a new hole. You should follow the instructions regarding the size and location of hole and drill only in porcelain cast-iron or stainless steel sinks. If the sink is fully-porcelain, drill the hole through the countertop.
  • Shut down the supply of water below the sink. You can use an adjustable wrench to detach the tubing that links the water faucet with the water valve.
  • Fit the filter in the gap between the faucet and the supply of cold water, below the sink, from where the stiff line of water supply was detached. An under sink water filter kit normally includes elastic tubes. Join one from the supply of water with the inlet of filter and the other from the outlet of filter with the faucet tubing, ensuring all fittings are made watertight to avoid leaks.
  • Now fit the canister to the rear cabinet wall below the sink. Ensure that it is fitted well above to offer enough space for the detachment of canister body while you will need to change the filter.
  • Turn on the supply of water. Check the filtration system as well as its fittings to see if there are any signs of leaking and then adjust fittings accordingly.


under sink filtration system 2

Which Type of Under Sink Filter is Ideal for You?

You should choose the kind of under sink filter according to your water quality and what you need to remove. The most basic filter eliminates bad odor and taste, with chemicals such as chlorine, whereas more advanced filter removes more types of impurities. have got a variety of under sink water filters suited to your particular needs.


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