Kick Up Your H2O with a Fruit Infused Water Bottle

One Meal AwayIf you want to add something to the water you drink daily to make it more powerful, health-giving and wholesome, what will you do? You may say, I will drink a juice rather. Yes, but I say, you can even fortify your juice! How? With an innovative product named One Meal Away – the Fruit Infused Water Bottle!

What is One Meal Away?

One Meal Away is a fruit infused water bottle. With this bottle, you can add the goodness of various fruits, veggies, honey and herbs to your regular water, juice, sports drink, tea, sparkling water or lemonade and make them stronger, healthier!

Why One Meal Away?

One Meal Away is a highest quality shatterproof fruit infused bottle which is 100% BPA free and hence eco-friendly. Its material is recyclable Tritan plastic. Therefore it is perhaps the safest material to hold your water, juice, lemonade or tea.

The infused bottle is equipped with deep infuser so that you can get an intense flavor of whatever fruit, vegetable or herb you add to it.

One Meal Away is a 24 oz leak-proof bottle which you can easily carry in your briefcase or purse, sports bag and in your car. It has a convenient handle too.

Whenever you are in no need of infuser, you can detach it from the bottle and use the bottle like a regular one.

One Meal Away Bottle

How can You Fortify Your Liquids?

You can fortify your regular water, tea, lemonade, juice, sports drink or sparkling water by adding various fruits, veggies, herbs and even honey to the infuser of One Meal Away. Here are some nutritious combinations for you:

  • Enhanced Immunity, Digestion, Energy and Heartburn: Orange + Lime + Honey + Lemon
  • Fat Burning, Headaches and Digestion: Lime + Mint + Green Tea
  • Digestion, Hydration and Appetite Control: Lime + Lemon + Cucumber
  • Strong Immunity, Enhanced Blood Flow and to Reduce Blood Pressure: Raspberry + Pear + Rosemary
  • Cleansing/Digestion, Mental Concentration and Energy: Lemon + Black Tea + Syrup

Help to Preserve Mother Nature

By using One Meal Away, you will help the noble task of preserving our Mother Nature. The estimation of the Container Recycling Institute says that every year around 18 trillion plastic water bottles are thrown into landfills. Each of these bottles takes up to 700 long years just to decompose! Imagine how much we are cluttering our planet by throwing plastic water bottles in it. By using One Meal Away, you will help to keep our planet clean and clutter-free.

So, add something to your regular water and make it more healthful with One Meal Away. One Meal Away will give you the regular goodness of your water, plus something beneficial, in the form of nutrition from various veggies, fruits, herbs or honey. You can make changes in your ‘infusion menu’ every day and enjoy various flavors and health. And whenever you want to drink plain water, you can do that too, by detaching infuser from the bottle! This water is much safer than the water in plastic bottles, for you as well as for our Earth!

So, now no need to limit yourself from enjoying drinks! Make them flavorful and healthful with One Meal Away!

One Meal Away  Box

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