Look Younger than Your Age

looking youngerBeing younger than the actual age is everyone’s dream, though reason may be many. Some are afraid of death, some feel inferior to younger generation, and some just love themselves, and so want to look good always. The last one is actually the perfect reason to try to look younger. But looking younger is not just applying lots of makeup, wearing trendy clothes and accessories and acting as if you are young. To be and feel young, you should be healthy, which is achieved by all your inner systems working in proper condition, your skin glowing, all your joints moving properly (though some slowness is natural with age) and mind feeling happy. What to do for such youthfulness? Let’s see.

Eat Healthy

You might have been bored listening to the importance of right food. But it is not just the matter of being slim – right food is necessary not only for keeping you slim, but also for the good health of your arteries and heart, and also it is necessary for your memory and concentration. Old age is not only about blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. You may have come across many old individuals who tend to forget things, or suffer from total or partial dementia or even Alzheimer’s. If you don’t want to be like them in your forthcoming years, start correcting your food habits from now if they are wrong. Cut down all saturated fats – red meat, fried foods and the likes. You have many healthy, yet tasty options. You can start with a lot of fish, green leafy and colored vegetables, fruits and nuts. These foods will keep your heart as well as brain in good shape, which make you look fresh. And looking fresh is looking younger.

Choose a Nice Company

This advice is for those who have got bitter experiences from other people. There are many people who are cheated, by those who they believe the most. It may be a friend or a lover or a spouse. I know that it is very difficult to come out of such a devastating betrayal. People start hating the world and they don’t feel like meeting anyone. But you should meet someone and be in their company always – for your good health! May I suggest such a doubtlessly good company? It is an animal. Yes, you can keep a pet. Animals are certainly more loyal than humans. They strive to make you happy. They don’t have their own moods to turn away from you. They have pure hearts. Keeping a pet will certainly cheer you up and will help bring you back in this world. And a happy mind keeps diseases away and makes you look younger. What’s more, if you have a dog who need walks every day, s/he will also give you a regular exercise.


Just like food, you might have been bored keeping listening to the importance of exercise. I was too! But believe me, once you start it and keep on for at least a week (daily), you will actually start loving it! Take my word for it. I will tell you my case. I was very lazy about going out of home. Exercise was a strict no-no for me. But when I started suffering from vitamin B and D deficiency and other problems, I had to start going out and a moderate exercise, because of my doctor’s pressure. For initial days, I felt like dying because I used to palpitate a lot, my knees and waist ached like hell, and what not! But all these aches and pains stopped one day like magic! Even palpitation vanished and I could walk for some miles without feeling exerted. I noticed one more thing. Before starting these activities, I was very reluctant to bend. My waist didn’t actually ache while bending, but still I didn’t like to bend. I usually lifted things on ground with my leg, etc, in short I avoided bending. But after starting walking, I am able to keep in a bent position for a considerable time! I consider this a miracle, because now I am not reluctant to bend anymore. When I didn’t like it, though there was not any aching, there was some invisible problem, which is now eliminated because of the golden “walk”! So, looking active is looking younger.

NOTE: It is important for patients suffering from a serious illness like heart disease or even arthritis to take advice of their doctor before taking up any heavy exercise.

Learn New Things

My experience is people become lethargic about learning new things as they grow older. Look at children. See how they watch everywhere, how they put everything in mouth, how they try to walk even after falling! This is because they are eager to know everything. This enthusiasm is lost upon growing old. As we grow old, we think that we know everything. The reality is we know very little. There is still a lot to learn. Learning makes your brain develop. You might have forgotten what you learned in your school – our brain gets more wrinkles as it develops. If you keep learning new things, your brain will be more active, and chances of diseases like dementia, depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are lowered and even eliminated. Learn playing some musical instruments, or cooking, or new recipes, or some household work, or yoga, or a dance form, or anything which you enjoy. When you will start learning, you will realize how little you know and what a vast field of knowledge is spread before you! And when enthusiasm shows on your face, you automatically look younger.

Leave Bad Habits

If you are a smoker, or an alcoholic, leave the habits at once. Take help of a counselor or a rehab if required. Vices make your body weak and they can do it in any way. My cousin is a chain smoker and suffered a heart attack. When he recovered, he started to smoke again and boasted that nothing bad happens due to smoking. Just now he got a new disease (new for us as we hadn’t heard of it before) called pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas) which doctors told that his smoking caused. So, don’t think that a fatal disease is the only outcome of vices. They can give you a lifelong trouble and ruin your quality of life, which is worse than death. And such a trouble makes you look naturally older, because of the pain and stress it brings along.

Take Adequate Sleep

As you grow old, you start needing less sleep – it is natural. But sleeping for less than 6-7 hours at night is not natural, even for old age. If you feel lazy, exhausted and sleepy during the day because of inadequate sleep, do something about it. If you are not able to sleep naturally, take doctor’s help. But don’t take sleep medicines. They do bad than good. Try to keep your lifestyle as healthy as possible, like given above.

Old age is not all about thinking of death. It is a time for retirement and to do things which you couldn’t do because of your busy schedule. Now that you have plenty of time, do them. And those of you, who are still young and working, do things other than work, keep learning and keep a good health. That will make you happy and look younger than your age!

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