Maximize the Enjoyment of Vaping with Your Favorite Flavor so that You will Never Turn again to Smoking

wild blueberries e-juicePlanning to quit smoking and adopt vaping? Congratulations! You have taken the right decision. Vaping is much less harmful than smoking because it doesn’t emit the nicotine-laden smoke and doesn’t harm yours as well as others’ lungs. However, you might have heard of the different flavors of e-liquids and might have been daunted about which one to choose. It is a scoring point of vaping over smoking that it comes in such a variety of flavors. So, you should not be daunted but research a little, experiment and find the right e-juice flavor for you, just like a person I know who wanted to quit smoking and tried e-liquids and while experimenting with various flavors fell in love with wild blueberries and now, she never gets bored of it and also has popularized the flavor among many others. Here are some tips about different e-liquid flavors and how to maximize the enjoyment of your favorite flavor.

Tobacco Flavors

If you indeed like the flavor of tobacco and has to press yourself a lot to quit smoking and don’t want any other flavor than tobacco, don’t worry. E-juices too are available in tobacco flavors with which you can be indulged in the feeling similar to smoking. This is in fact very useful to those who smoke just because they like the classic tobacco flavor. This makes them feel like smoking but doesn’t harm their lungs with the smoke and nicotine. Once again, vaping scores over smoking because in tobacco flavors too you can get numerous varieties and take the pleasure of the typical feeling of smoking.

Dessert Flavors

If you have a sweet tooth, dessert flavor is the best for you. These flavors give you the enjoyment of eating your favorite sweet treat. Some examples of dessert flavors are cinnamon, banana, chocolate, cheesecake and many more. And you don’t have to consume calories that come with your favorite sweet dishes. So, dessert flavored e-juices can bring about weight loss too! Just like tobacco flavored e-juices give you the feeling of smoking without actually smoking, dessert flavored e-juices let you enjoy sweets without actually eating them, and keep your weight in check.

Fruit Flavors

Fruit flavors are similar to dessert flavors in sweetness; however, they give a more refreshing, fulfilling, lighter and energetic feeling. The above-mentioned wild blueberry flavor is simply amazing. Visit and you would find more about this flavor, how fresh it is and gives a feeling of being near a mountain stream. This wild blueberry flavor is created with rich sun-kissed blueberries and so, the flavor is so tasty. Or if you like some other fruit in particular, you can get that too. The specialty of fruit flavors is they are numerous and you can keep changing them according to season. These flavors are best suited to summer. And you can even mix many flavors to create your favorite cocktail flavor.

Menthol Flavors

Menthol flavor has a unique ability to keep you cool and content. Not only vaping but also on other occasions menthol can give you that peace of mind and freshness to feel confident and take proper decisions. E-juices too come in menthol flavors and in a variety. They come in various intensities too from mild to strong.

Other Flavors

There are many unique e-juice flavors that don’t come under any of the above categories, but are amazing. You can try them and find your favorite one.

After discussing about which flavor to choose, we’ll now take a look at how you can enjoy the most from these flavors. While you will get several guides regarding how to create dense vapors, there are only a few which guide you about how to acquire the best taste of your e-juice. In this regard, you should again follow the guidelines and tips given at Here are some more tips for flavor-chasing and getting the most from your chosen e-juice flavor.

Tweak Your Temperature Setting and Wattage

Once you adjust your settings, you will improve the e-juice flavor as this is the easiest way to do that. Important thing to consider here is that an e-juice has different elements and with various settings they come out differently. The reason for this is particular flavors vaporize at varying temperatures. Your setting along with your coil’s resistance decides how hot your coil becomes. If you are a flavor chaser, having a device with variable wattage is your best bet.

The best thing to do is to start from a lower setting and progress slowly towards higher ones till you achieve the “sweet spot”. Remember that each e-juice has its own particular sweet spot; so, you will have to experiment with each flavor. One particular juice may shine at 20 Watt while the other may be optimum at 35 Watt.

Once you achieve the sweet spot of your favorite flavor, the next crucial factor is temperature of your coil. Devices with temperature control limit the maximum temperature of your coil making them perfect for flavor chasing. The process is the same as achieving the sweet spot – starting from low and go on increasing and you get a more flavorful vapor.

Lessen Your Airflow

If you are a cloud chaser, the important factor for you is a big airflow. When a lot of air goes through your coil, the vapor becomes less dense but produces huge clouds; but, this reduces the flavor too. However, you are not a cloud chaser, but a flavor chaser and so, the best approach for you is to close off the airflow. This way, your vapor becomes denser and warmer, giving you maximum flavor. You should therefore choose atomizers with adjustable airflow systems. It’s also important to get the right balance. If you close the airflow too much, vapor production will be poor and the vapor will be too hot. So, start low as usual and slowly progress to hit just the right balance for your taste.

Why Chase Flavor?

This is the question important for your health. We are discussing health here on this health website. You know that smoking a tobacco cigarette is dangerous to your health and so, you want to vape. In that case, you may once again turn to the regular cigarette if you are bored of vaping. So, achieve the maximum enjoyment of vaping so that you won’t feel like turning to smoking once again.

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