Mobile Phone Cleanup – An Essential Routine to Maintain Health

dirty cell phoneYou certainly don’t want your face to be near your shoe or someone else’s shoe for sure, do you? Reasons mainly concern your health. You think that shoes being worn daily on roads, through dust and other dirt, carry loads of material that can send you to hospital, right? But you will be surprised to know that another thing you hold so lovingly not only near your face, but also at your mouth, the main inlet of your body, is nearly as dirty as a shoe! Yes, we are talking about your mobile phones. Studies reveal that grimy, greasy mobile phones are actually worse than shoes, and you should consider decontaminating them.

Dr. Dubert Guerrero, a specialist of infectious diseases at Sanford Health in Fargo, N.D., and also a co-author of research about the persistence of bacteria on iPads, says that it’s beyond debate that devices transmit diseases, as published by the New York Times.

Your mobile phone needs a regular cleanup. According to Dr. Guerrero a soft, microfiber cloth is good to clean a cell phone. The cloth can tackle the commonest bacteria, according to Guerrero’s study. However persistent bacteria can get trickier and in that case, alcohol and bleach are best, but they are not suitable for phones.

The Apple Store has Clens wipes by Bausch & Lomb for sale which contains 32% isopropyl alcohol; however Apply doesn’t recommend using alcohol on gadgets. Though Apple denies to explain this contradiction, the wipes are great for cleaning muck, grime and marks off the devices and they even disinfect. The wipes cost about $20.

According to the Geek Squad technician Derek Meister, a 1:1 ratio of 70% isopropyl alcohol and distilled water can be made by yourself for merely less than $5. You have to fill a spray bottle with such diluted alcohol, moisten a lint-free, rather microfiber, cloth (no paper tissues) lightly with it, and wipe down the screen and the case gently. Never spray on the device directly. For cleaning corners and around ports, you can use lint-free foam instead of cotton Q-tips, recommends the New York Times.

Ultraviolet Sanitizers

uv sanitizerIf you are extra germophobic, you may consider buying an ultraviolet sanitizer. Violife is a coffee can-sized $50 mobile phone sanitizer. You just have to pop your device in the dock and replace the lid for the UV light to zap pathogens. Verilux too sells a $40 sanitizing wand, which as per the company kills 99% of germs when you wave it over your phone. These don’t improve the look of your phone, but can save you from sniffles.

Compressed Air Can

compressed air canA compressed air can however can blow off dust and particles harmful for your electronics when spread around ports and keys, and also maintain the looks, performance and value of your phone. You can also buy a special air compressor such as the Data Vac Electric Duster, which is worth $100 and provides all types of attachments for cleaning your gadgets, crevices and seams.

According to Miroslav Djuric, the chief information architect of a DIY community on internet, an air compressor is the best for cleaning gadgets and it is environmentally good too, because you don’t need to throw the can away after blowing air.

In short, if you want your phone clean and germ-free, give it a cleanup at least once a day with one of these aids.

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