Tremendous Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

health benefits of green smoothiesThis is the time for healthy living. Everyone is conscious about weight loss and nutrition, healthy eating, exercise and many other health topics. However, there are still some people who hate vegetables and take pride in eating meat. I don’t say that eating meat is bad. After all, meat provides a sizeable dose of pure protein. What I want is to change the viewpoint of these people that vegetables are bad (not from the health point of view but from the taste point of view). I want to promote a food here called smoothie to these vegetable-haters because they can easily see that they don’t have to cook vegetables, don’t have to spend much time in eating them and still they can get all the tremendous health benefits of vegetables through smoothies.

Don’t Spend any Time

The topmost benefit of smoothies, in my opinion, is they don’t take any time to prepare and consume, and offer all the top health benefits of vegetables to you. Just wash vegetables, make small pieces (or take out the leaves), throw them in your juicer, run the juicer, pour the juice in your mug, drink! Is this something very difficult or time-consuming? You can even make pieces of veggies by hand; don’t even use a knife and board! Drink it in an instant while standing by the juicer or sit by the table and sip it while enjoying the taste – it’s your choice.

Weight Loss

Smoothie will keep you full for at least 4-5 hours. It provides you all sorts of nutrition and so, your body won’t crave for other foods. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat other things after drinking a glassful of smoothie morning-evening; but you will realize that your previous craving has deterred a lot. You won’t feel like eating every now and then. Drink smoothie this way at least for 3-4 weeks and you will find that you have not only lost a significant number of pounds, but are feeling extremely light, fresh and energetic!

A Large Dose of Veggies in a Small Glass

You can’t eat 3-4 bowlfuls of veggies at a time, can you? But with smoothies, you can consume that quantity of veggies at a time and have all the super nutrition! As per the American Cancer Society, 5 to 9 servings of veggies and fruits are necessary to avoid cancer and other diseases.

Increased Digestibility

It’s logical that rather than chunks, liquid is more easily digestible. Smoothies pass through your digestive tract imparting all its nutritious ingredients to you as the linings of the tract goes on absorbing those nutrients smoothly and easily. This is because, due to blending the cells of veggies are broken down and made easily passable.

Goodness of Nutrients

Antioxidants: Through smoothies you get a high dose of antioxidants and phytochemicals. They increase your immunity, fight free radicals effectively and give you optimum health.

Fiber: Obviously you consume a higher dose of fiber too which benefits you in terms of colon health. Problems like constipation, gases, acidity, piles etc are eliminated forever.

Clearer Skin: As your colon health improves with smoothies, your blood becomes purer which reflects in your skin which becomes smooth and looks radiant.

Increased Energy: As smoothies are more packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than the regular vegetable servings, the energy they provide is much higher.

Increased Mental Stability: You will find after starting taking smoothies that your mind has become more stable, your irritability has lessened, you can better focus in whatever you are doing and in your thoughts and you feel overall happy and calm.

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