Global patent aimed at relief for migraine patients

Groundbreaking Migraine Relief To Help Numerous Patients Worldwide

MIGSydney, AUSTRALIA, January 2015 – There has been an achievement of a global patent for a revolutionary topical therapy to relieve numerous people in the world that bear migraines on a regular basis. Migraines usually harass 20% of women and 10% of men, particularly of the age between 20 and 40.

Developed during the last 3 years in association with research firms in Australia and South America, Migraine Escape is a potent natural therapy with its innovative formula derived from extract of ginger root. Designed to offer the treatment with topical administration and not orally, it is potentially taking place of chemical therapy through pills or injection. It has obtained regulatory approval already for usage in Australia, while FDA approval is underway.MIG2


As told by Ken Macleod, CEO to Migraine Escape, outcomes of various studies and surveys show that the most migraine sufferers make use of strong painkillers with certain chemicals that can cause severe adverse effects. 81% of patients are not happy with these therapies and are in search of another option.


Trials held by Migraine Escape presented wonderful results, assuring relief for hundreds of thousands of patients. A full package to enable people to know the condition better and maximize the advantages of treatment is a major goal for Migraine Escape.

Ken MacleodAnyone says that anybody can suffer from a migraine attack, even an otherwise fit person. In majority of cases the prescription of treatment includes the usage of chemical medication as well as medical interference. Migraine Escape offers a natural, efficient, alternative treatment for migraine patients.


Crowd funding campaign to raise the required capital to make Migraine Escape available to the Global community has been started successfully on Indiegogo.
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