Things to Consider for Choosing the Most Right Bath Lift for Your Dear One

bath lifts aquajoy premier plus reclining bathliftBath lifts are especially useful for elderly people because they provide extra support for them if they are finding it difficult to get in and out. Bath lifts are also useful in maintaining their dignity and independence, while assuring that they are safe while taking a bath. Choosing a bath lift for your dear one who is elderly can be tricky because of an extensive array of models available; so, it is important to choose just the right one.

How does a Bath Lift Work?

A bath lift slowly lowers the user inside the bath tub and lifts them slowly again, when they finish the bath. The seat of the bath lift is meant for the user to sit which is lowered after the bath tub is full. This decreases the number of mishaps that take place because of falls and slips, and enable them to have bath in privacy.

Bath lifts operate in two ways, either with motor or with air pressure. Both have their own benefits. But for most people, one is better than the other. For those having trouble with balance, motor-operated units are the best, since they feature a stable movement. On the other hand, air pressure operated bath lifts can take user to the bottom of the bath tub and thus allow her/him to have more part of her/his body in the water.


Regarding seats, there is a variety available. You should choose one that provides the user maximum support. A unit with a complete seat with a backrest as well as a contoured unit offers a comfier option and more support to prevent slipping while inside water. Sometimes, the user may not need much of a support; in that case, you can choose a simple ledge or bench. These allow the user to use more of the bath without taking up much space.

Setting Up

While setting up the bath lift, you should consider the user/s. In a family, with multiple members, you may not want anything permanent; otherwise they can’t get in the bath tub. Many models are available on the market which are removable and can be stored aside while not in use.

Ease of Operation

Bath lift being meant for elderly and disabled persons, it should be easily operated. Most of them have large buttons which are easy to operate, if the user is a sufferer of poor sight or arthritis. Some other models sport an individual hand control unit, which doesn’t require the user to reach out for operating the lift. It floats in the water if dropped, thus decreasing the chances of accidents.


Safety is a major factor which a bath lift should have, especially if the user uses it all on her/his own.

Most motor-operated units feature visual indicators and audible alarms to indicate that the batteries are low. So, they won’t operate because of lacking enough charge for lowering and raising the lift. has a range of bathroom safety products and bath lifts. They specialize in offering innovative health solutions and high quality medical supplies. They will get this to you soon. Visit their website to take a look at their fantastic range which provides you a wide choice. Pictures in this article are their courtesy.

bath lifts aquajoy premier plus reclining bathlift

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