Hypnosis – Basic Info and Application

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Hypnosis is a trance state of mind characterized by suspended normal analytical thinking, heightened imagination and extreme relaxation. Hypnotized clients are more open-minded and more able to accept ideas that normally would not. Hypnotic subjects are fully awake, contrary to popular misconception, and while focusing attention they show an increased response to suggestion. The subject should not be totally inattentive and passive, but open-minded to accept what is suggested by the hypnotist. Hypnotherapy can be quite expensive and now there are “one size fits all” hypnosis recordings available to order even online. Hypnotizr even offers affordable custom hypnosis downloads – sessions tailored to client’s unique personality¬† to help him/her change and eliminate bad habits.

Hypnosis has been been used for various purposes and across different fields of interest, such as psycho-therapeutic, military uses, entertainment and self-improvement. Stress, overeating and smoking are one of the issues that may be reduced or resolved by hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is used by licensed physicians and psychologists to treat depression, sleep and eating disorders, anxiety etc. Hypnosis can be applied to anyone with good imagination and ability to follow directions and instructions. It has mind-altering affect that could be compared with changing one’s point of view and perspective after reading a book or watching a theater show or a movie. However, psychotic or profoundly mentally disabled patients do not respond to hypnosis. Imaginative, creative and intelligent people show better results. There are hypnosis clinics all around the world and most of them are specialized in addiction cessation, pain, stress or weight management. These issues are usually caused by routines and habitual thinking patterns. Using hypnotic methods and techniques, hypnotists introduce their subjects to the state of “hypnotic trance” or the state of higher expectation, defined roles and focused attention. This way, hypnotists can bypass their clients normal thinking modes and implant suggestions for better new ways of behaving, thinking and living in general.

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