Meditation – Various Ways to Achieve the Inner Peace

mp3 meditation 1It has been proven scientifically by now that most of the diseases are caused or aggravated by stress. We are under lots of types of stress. It can be stress of work, exams, social or personal problems, and many more. Stress is known to create free radicals, which eat up our cells and thus makes our immunity weak, which in turn make the body fall prey to many diseases. In short, you have to reduce stress, and the best way to do that is to meditate. To find out more about meditation Click Here!

Types of Meditation

There are lots of ways with which you can meditate and relax your mind and body. All of them are aimed at attaining inner peace.

Yoga: Meditation is an essential part of the entire practice of yoga. It is based on breathing exercises while trying to attain the various postures thereby achieving a flexible body and peaceful mind. The concept is, as you move through the postures that need balance and concentration, your focus is shifted from your daily routine to the moment.

Guided Meditation: Guided meditation is also known as visualization or guided imagery. In this type of meditation, you have to imagine anything pleasant which you may or may not have seen in real life. The basic thing here is your mind should get engaged into filling in the details in your visualized image like beautiful sights, pleasant smells, etc. A guide or teacher can help you go through this process.

mp3 meditationMantra Meditation: In mantra meditation, you should repeat a word silently and that distracts your mind from other things. The key in this is not to concentrate on the mantra but on the gap between two repetitions which should be free from thoughts and you have to increase the duration of this gap slowly.

Mindfulness Meditation: In mindfulness meditation, you have to be mindful or increase awareness and acceptance of present moment. You can focus on your breathing or even your thoughts as they appear and go, without getting involved in them.

Qi Gong: Qi gong is a part of ancient Chinese medicine and is a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, relaxation and physical movement.

Transcendental Meditation: This is an easy natural technique of meditation. In this, you have to repeat a mantra in a particular way. The mantra is personally assigned and can be a word, phrase or sound. This takes your body in a state of deep relaxation and rest, and your mind in a state of profound peace, without the need of attention or effort.

Relaxed Breathing: Relaxed breathing involves breathing in a deep, evenly paced way using the muscles of diaphragm to spread out your lungs. Because of this, your breath slows down, you can take in more oxygen and decrease the use of neck, shoulder and upper chest muscles. In all you breathing becomes more efficient.

mp3 meditation 3Meditation is seemingly simple, but extremely difficult to attain. Fortunately today we get MP3 meditation aids like that on which make the process easier.

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