Treating Symptoms of Autism in Your Child

Observing the behavior of being self-injurious is one of the difficult symptoms of autism. Some children with autism hit themselves, bite their hands, bang their head or involve themselves in activities that can hurt them badly.

You must be wondering why an autistic kid hurts himself intentionally. There are different theories to explain these symptoms in a child.

For some children, it may block out other provocation. They may be confused and over stimulated from their atmosphere, and they need to concentrate on something external or internal desperately. Causing pain to themselves is a way to change the concentration of attention.

A child may have acute sensory problems and need a lot of physical feedback. Banging their head and other such behaviors may be ways of trying to get the physical feedback, though they are not good ones. In this the situation, sensory incorporation therapy should provided, and the kid with autism should offered other ways to get what they need.

There is an entire sensory diet that can be implemented in this situation to help the symptoms of autism in the kid.

For some kids, hitting the ears could be proof of an infection of middle ear, and a complete ear test should be performed to eliminate this possibility.

In addition to that, there is a chance of self injurious behavior caused by specific kinds of seizures. The kid with autism showing these symptoms should get an EEG test done to know the situation better.

Finally, we all know that poor skills of communication are the most common signs of autism in kids. These behaviors are often the outcomes of too much of frustration.

The child suffering from autism has no other way to communicate other than the frustration. In such a situation, if the child is not talking, they should be taught well about the other ways of communicating, such as sign language, pictures cards or any other form of facilitated communication, these will reduce the levels of frustration greatly.

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