BrainAdvantage Mobile – An Amazing Tool to Enhance Your Brain Power

prefrontal cortex in brainDo you want to enhance your brain’s performance? Do you want to excel in understanding a subject, memory, intelligence and brightness? Whether you are a student, teacher, executive, scientist or an aging adult who is scared of memory loss, amnesia or Alzheimer’s disease, you can increase your brain’s power and gain confidence with increased intelligence. How? It’s with Brain Advantage!

What is Brain Advantage?

BrainAdvantage Mobile is a system containing a tablet, earphones and headband which enhances your brain’s power to grow neurons and optimize your existing neuronal networks. This is a portable system that you can take anywhere.

How does BrainAdvantage Mobile Work?

BrainAdvantage Mobile makes use of patented HEG (hemoencephalography) technology to find out the amount of oxygen in the blood flowing towards the prefrontal cortex of your brain. So what? How is this useful? You can understand this if you know the importance of the prefrontal cortex. PFC is the cerebral cortex which is the covering of the front portion of the frontal lobe. This part of your brain has been involved in decision making, planning complex cognitive activities, moderating social behavior and personality expression. Its main activity is supposed to be organization of thoughts and actions in line with internal goals. All in all, this is a major area of your brain which decides your brain’s performance.

BrainAdvantage are actually small HEG sensors fitted in the headband exactly against your PFC and they determine the performance of your brain by measuring the oxygen in the blood that is flowing to the PFC and you can actually see the information in real time on your tablet and even get audio cues! Within a short time, your brain finds out how to enhance the amount of oxygenated blood. The higher the amount of oxygenated blood towards the PFC, the better it will perform. And this will bring improvements in your brain’s performance that will amaze you.

There is also an assessment tool involved in the system with which you can measure how well your PFC is working.

using BrainAdvantage Mobile

Brain Improvement

Fortunately, our brain can change and improve itself. As such, brain develops the most during the early years i.e. 0 to 3. Also from the age of 12 to 24, its development again reaches to the peak. But human brain also has the ability to improve all through the life. Prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain which is the center of problem solving, reasoning, impulse-control, perseverance, comprehension and creativity, collectively known as Executive Functions that are required when one wants to think and focus, use short-term working memory, play with ideas and ponder upon before responding to any circumstance.

Studies suggest that a well-developed prefrontal cortex can perform strong Executive Functions and thereby can enhance both academic and life outcomes. By providing more of oxygenated blood to your prefrontal cortex, you can bring about a great development of your PFC and thus start seeing improvements in your Executive Functions.

BrainAdvantage Mobile

Who can Use BrainAdvantage Mobile?


Of course, students will need BrainAdvantage Mobile the most because they want to gain higher grades by performing well in their studies. With the use of BrainAdvantage Mobile, they can improve their grasping power, memory, focus and effective expression of what they have learned.

Aging Adults

Memory loss, amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease and all brain-related disorders are becoming increasingly common in seniors. BrainAdvantage Mobile can help them to keep away these disorders by increasing the blood flow towards their PFC.


PFC is rightly called Executive Center as it performs all executive functions, literally. Executives have to analyze situations, take fast decisions, remain focused all the time and handle multiple responsibilities at a time. With BrainAdvantage Mobile, they can bring such an improvement in their brain power that they can excel in their job.

And BrainAdvantage Mobile can be used anyone who wishes to improve their brain power! So, if you want this amazing gadget for you or your dear ones, consider funding its final development stages so that the gadget can reach you at the earliest.

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