Say Goodbye to Stress by Coloring Christmas Mandalas

snowman coloredIf stress has become a part of your day-to-day life, I am going to tell you a fantastic way out – coloring! Yes, you read it right! Don’t you believe it? What if I give you scientific evidences, real life experiences of many people and beautiful Adult Coloring Books for Stress Relief? You will surely believe that? So, let me tell you what I learned in last some days.

Coloring has no longer been a kids’ activity or hobby – more and more adults are developing this hobby too. Why? The answer is simple – coloring is ridding them of stress to a large extent.

Experiences of Real People

A 30-year old account manager, Jason Abrams, who was undergoing huge stress because of hectic and deadline-driven job, experienced the magic of coloring. His stress reduced to such an extent that he introduced the activity in his office too and he and all his colleagues gather in the conference room on Friday to take up coloring!

Jason has experienced that the benefits of coloring are not limited to relaxation but also help the brain for focusing by exercising fine motor skills.

snowman colored

42-year Annie Brookfield is active in a Facebook coloring-in group. She started coloring in while she worked with an agency where she underwent hectic schedule and a lot of stress of unstable wages too. When she started coloring, her stress levels dropped and she started to feel tranquil.

Asma Zergui is an obstetrician and faced a lot of stress and anxiety like all other doctors; but the moment she started coloring, everything changed for her. Coloring helped her to get through a severe depression.

52-year Debra Dettone is a preschool teacher and had anxiety over her job lately, due to which her blood pressure readings had become worrisome for her doctor. But the doctor got surprised when the reading improved to 120/84. Debra has started coloring, along with a bit of walking. She colors a mandala or a notecard or whatever for an hour at night which helps her to relax.

Christmas Mandala

Findings of Carl Jung about Coloring and Mandalas

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, successfully used coloring to his patients to calm down and focus their brains. He had found particularly good results by using “mandalas”. Mandalas are geometrical patterns or various figurines and images in circles or squares. They are common elements of Eastern cultures, like Hinduism, Buddhism and also in Native American and Aboriginal Australian cultures, and are referred to as symbols of wholeness, i.e. the universe.

Carl Jung discovered the psychological effects of mandalas. He is accredited for introducing Mandalas to Western culture.

Christmas Mandala

Jung made use of mandalas in his psychotherapy on patients who had not idea of it, by making them create individual mandalas. This let him understand the emotional disorders and he could work towards the wholeness in their personality.

A mandala is like a design that stimulates something inside us, a holy geometry which helps us recognize our self and our position in the cosmos. It is the fundamental relationship between the universe and us from which we have strayed and creating and coloring mandalas can help us to return to it, particularly when our inner self is challenged by ego and the harmony should be restored. Mandalas can guide us to listen to the inner voice and discover our self. According to Jung, mandala is the center and also the path towards the center, to individuation.

Christmas Mandalas Adult Coloring Books

Based on these very scientific findings, Mix Books have brought a wonderful Christmas Mandalas Adult Coloring Book. This book has 31 unique and original festive designs for you to which you can add your own inspirations by coloring them and experience the bliss and blessings of the Christmas season. The designs contain 16 Mandalas and 15 wonderfully detailed seasonal messages, with which you can enjoy hours of stress relief and creativity in you. After creating the colorful artworks, you can gift them to your dear ones or frame them to decorate your own home. This book is also perfect to give as a gift. Take a look at some of the fabulous designs from the book – colored and not colored – in this article.

Cheer up because an easy and economical way for stress relief has been opened on you! Take it and say goodbye to stress forever!

Christmas Mandalas Adult Coloring Book

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