Liberty Towel – Making Life Easy for People with Mobility Issues

Liberty TowelMobility issues that come with age, illness or injury are not just limited to being unable to move. Sometimes they bring embarrassment too. Asking another person to dry oneself after taking a bath is such an embarrassing moment for anyone. This is a moment when any person wants total privacy and wants to enjoy the feeling of cleanliness; but if it’s going to be mixed with the awkward feeling of being open in front of a caregiver or even a loved one just because being unable to bend or twist, it’s not easy for an aged, ill or injured person.

But this scenario is soon going to change with a new patented weighted bath towel to give those with limited mobility greater independence and freedom – it’s Liberty Towel!

Liberty Towel is the brainchild of Dr. Kathleen Quinn who made it for her mother, Kay, who had become immobilized due to her rheumatoid arthritis. So, this towel has been made by a person who has experienced what mobility issues are like and how they can make life of affected people difficult. Therefore, the towel has been made considering all the hardships an aged, ill or injured person may go through while drying himself after a bath. All in all, this is an extremely practical product that anyone will find useful and will realize how thoughtfully it has been made.

What is Liberty Towel?

Liberty Towel has been created with easy to slip-in handles and two permanently embedded 3-oz weights at its one end. The idea behind this is that the person can slip their wrists through the handles and can even dry their legs, thanks to the weights at the bottom, without having to bend down.

Liberty Towel

How does Liberty Towel Work?

Here’s how Liberty Towel work for drying different body parts which are normally problem areas for people with mobility issues.


Liberty Towel makes the job of drying your back extremely simple for you. You can do it either with one or both hands, in whatever way you are comfortable. You just have to toss the towel over your back and raise your arm/s toward the ceiling and let the weights do the work. Just a few repetitions of this movement will easily dry your back.


The patient has to drape the towel centered over their leg, one at a time. Since there are weights at the bottom of the towel, they can dry legs by holding the handles or any other part of the towel they find comfortable and dragging the towel up and down the legs. For drying the back of your leg, they just have to turn their leg a bit and that’s it. An increased contact of the towel with your skin will be provided by the weights and your legs will be effectively dried.

Feet and Toes

To dry feet and toes, you should just place the towel’s weighted side on the floor and rub your feet over the soft weights. Yes, the weights are soft and along with drying your feet and toes, they will also provide your feet with a relaxing mini massage.

Due to the weights incorporated in it, Liberty Towel provides an added contact with your skin, you otherwise have to struggle for, for drying the skin effectively. And it helps you dry yourself without anyone’s assistance in a perfect privacy.

Liberty Towel

Whom can Liberty Towel Help?

As mentioned earlier, age brings immobility; so, Liberty Towel is extremely useful for aged individuals. Plus, if you or any of your loved ones is suffering from an illness like rheumatoid arthritis, extreme obesity, balance issue, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or stroke, or has undergone a surgery like hip surgery or rotator cuff surgery, Liberty Towel is a great help. Even for pregnant ladies who find it difficult to twist, bend and turn for drying body after a bath, Liberty Towel is super useful. And it’s useful for all those who have mobility issues due to any other reason not mentioned above, whether their mobility issues are temporary or permanent.

Why Should You Have At Least One Liberty Towel in Your Wardrobe?

We all are going to become aged. Barring a very few people who have exclusively eaten healthy foods all through their life and have regularly done yoga and other exercises, others are going to face various age-related diseases and the consequent limited or total immobility.

And the mobility issues are not limited to age. There are also people in every family who undergo illnesses, accidents, pregnancies, severe obesity, aches or pains, or other such happenings even at young age.

In short, some or the other time in life, we find it difficult to move our body sleekly and easily. In that case, we all need something that can dry our body after bathing, with dignity and privacy. So, it’s a good idea to have at least one Liberty Towel in your wardrobe. Who knows, when you will need it!

Liberty Towel is made of 100% high-quality cotton and will come to you in a clear zippered reusable bag that you’ll love! It will be also accompanied with written and illustrated instructions, and a wonderful PDF booklet, Rise and Shine, penned by Kathleen, about her inspiring mom. You’ll also get an online instructional video. In short, you will find no difficulty in using Liberty Towel.

Liberty Towel

So, have you started planning to have a Liberty Towel for yourself?

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