5 Amazing Ways to Get the Most Out of Natural Healing Crystals

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natural healing crystalsDid you know that you can get some health effects from crystals? If you want to experience the healing power of crystals, you can do that in many ways. Here are some common ways to get the most out of these healing crystals.

1. Wearing on or Close to the Body

One of the most powerful ways of experiencing the power of natural healing crystals is to wear them. People often select stones for making jewelry without knowing about their healing power. You can choose them using your intuition. By placing the stone near the body, you are benefited by their healing and soothing power. Sometimes when a crystal needs to be near a part where jewelry can’t be worn, you can place them in a small pouch which you can pin inside clothing.

The length of a chain of a pendant will help give you the strongest effect of the crystal. A pendant resting against the Throat Chakra will have the greatest effect on issues controlled by that Chakra (i.e. creativity, communication and more). But it will also provide energy to the entire physical body and aura. A pendant worn near heart will have effect on issues controlled by the Heart Chakra i.e. love and compassion.

2. Placing Under a Pillow

This may help in many issues like insomnia, warding off nightmares and psychic attacks and so on. Some crystals can help in body experiences and astral travel.

3. Using in Your Bath

Placing crystals in bathwater or on the edge of the bath tub not only cleans your physical body but washes away strains, stress and negative emotions. Green Aventurine is a very effective crystal to be used in bath. Other effective crystals are Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz.

4. While Meditating

Crystals with their energy structure provides stillness to the body systems and thereby calms the mind. The principle behind this is that our mental issues cannot sometimes be resolved by the normal thought process, but when the mind becomes calm, a solution arises as if from nowhere. For this, you can place crystals in front of you or hold them in hand while meditating.

5. Gem Essence

Gem Essence is a liquid form of crystals’ energy. You can also make gem water by placing crystals in a bowl of water and leaving it overnight for at least 10 hours, whereas gem essence can be made by placing crystals in water and keeping it in the sunlight for around 2 hours and then pouring this liquid in a bottle filled half with brandy. You should be very cautious while making gem waters or essences because some crystals may be toxic. Better stick to any Quartz crystal if you are not sure.

Consider using the healing crystals for your bodily and psychic health and enjoy life to the fullest!

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