Great Tips for Skin Exfoliation

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skin exfoliationWith age our cell turnover of our skin decelerates and resultant is dead cells accumulation which gives a dull look to our skin. Exfoliating skin of both face and body at least once in a week gives your skin rid of dead cells. It also allows moisturizers and other nourishment products to better penetrate the skin. What’s more, it also keeps your foundation gliding smoothly on your skin rather than causing patches on flaky skin. Skin exfoliation is thus beneficial for overall health of skin.

Best Skin Exfoliation Tools

Rather than over-scrubbing loofah or other such tools, use the basic washcloth as your scrub. Other amazing tools for skin exfoliation are a dry brush and gloves used for exfoliation.

At-home Scrubs

Skincare experts suggest a step-by-step routine for an excellent skin exfoliation:

  • Use oil on skin
  • Use a dry brush to move in short, light strokes from the feet up
  • Step below the shower and with a salt or sugar scrub, start from the feet again and massage in circular motion moving up on the body.
  • Wash with lukewarm water and apply a body wash containing salicylic acid. Pay more heed to elbows, knees and heels. If you have back or hip acne, ensure to apply there too.
  • Pat dry the skin and use a moisturizer while skin is still a little damp.

Exfoliation of Face

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More than any other part, we tend to care for our face more because it is our identity and people look at our face first. Here are some special tips for exfoliating facial skin:

  • Choose to exfoliate facial skin in the morning.
  • Exfoliate only once or twice weekly, and not more.
  • Don’t use a product with too much granules that can tear your skin.
  • Wash face with lukewarm and not hot water.

Care for Your Lips

Lips are important constituents of your face and beauty. Scaly lips not only make your impression bad, but also they are sometimes painful. A simple routine you can do for your lips is to slather them with petroleum jelly and massage them in circular motion with a soft toothbrush. Wipe out the extra petroleum jelly.


Elbows tend to get rough and softening them is very necessary. But the action is surprisingly easy. It is called a sock trick! Take a clean pair of socks and cut off its toes. Apply Crisco on the elbows and slip the cut socks over your elbows. Spend 8 hours like this, doing, well, anything, even sleeping! The shortening is wonderful on the tough areas.


It will take just a couple of minutes for your foot care. After you take shower, exfoliate your feet with a pumice stone for 1-2 minutes. This daily routine will give you great, soft feet all the time.

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