How to Treat Cellulite Problems?

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dimples on buttOnce considered a sign of prosperity, cellulite has now become a matter of concern for lots of people, especially women, because it denotes an idle, unhealthy lifestyle. Millions of people spend millions of bucks every year to get rid of dimples on the butt, thighs, legs, belly and back. Do they succeed? What is cellulite anyway? Let’s explore.

What is Cellulite?

By now, almost everyone knows roughly that cellulite is the deposits of fat usually on hips and thighs that looks like orange peel. It may be severe or milder – the milder one is seen only when the skin is pinched.

Actually what is apparent is swollen fat cells that put pressure on the neighboring fibrous tissue. This pulls down the skin and forms the unseemly pitting.


Cellulite is more prevalent in women than in men and there are three main reasons for that.

1. Hormonal changes take place more in women than in men and they weaken the fibrous tissues around the fat cells. Because of this the support structure of the skin is negatively affected. This phenomenon is usually seen in the age from 25 to 35 when estrogen levels in women start declining. As a result the blood vessel receptors are lost in the hip and thigh area, and therefore circulation there is reduced resulting in less nutrition which in turn drops collagen production. Reduction in collagen production makes the skin as well as connective tissues weak.

Cellulite is also formed during menstrual cycle because an enzyme is produced before the cycle due to which collagen is broken down.

2. Women’s body has more fats than men’s and the fats are more prevalent in the areas like hips and thighs which are supposed to be usually affected by cellulite. Studies have shown that women’s body is not as good as that of men at oxidizing fats and a possibility has also been seen that estrogen plays a role in this.

3. Women’s fat cells are arranged in form of vertical columns which are more likely to bulge, while that of men are structured in mesh-like pattern which is resistant to pitting.

The problem of cellulite worsens with age. The fibrous connective tissue (also known as septae) get stiffened and skin slackens making the mattress-like appearance even more prominent.

How to Find Out Cellulite on Your Body?

The percentage of women having cellulite is shocking – it’s between 85% and 95%! Cellulite is classified in four stages:

  1. Zero Stage: Dimpling is not very pronounced while lying or standing, and furrows and folds are seen in the pinch test, but not the mattress-like look.
  2. Stage One: In this too, dimpling is not apparent while lying or standing position, but pinch test starts showing mattress-like look.
  3. Stage Two: Dimpling is seen while standing, but not while lying down.
  4. Stage Three: Dimpling is seen while standing and lying down.

What is Pinch Test?

Pinch test is simple. Pinch your skin between your thumb and index finger. If dimpling is seen, it means it is cellulite.

pinch test

If dimpling is seen only during pinch test, you should start preventive measures from now so as not to the condition worsened further.

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Can it Be Cured?

This is tricky, because genetics too play an important role in cellulite formation. So, it may not be cured completely but the appearance can be improved. You can do three things for this:

  1. Improve Health of Collagen and Connective Tissue in The Skin: You can improve the health and elasticity of connective tissues to improve the appearance of cellulite skin.
  2. Losing Body Fat: More fat in the affected area will make cellulite look more prominent there. With fat loss you will be taking the load off the adjacent tissues and thus severity of pitting is naturally reduced. You can start taking foods that are known to be fat blockers and exercising.
  3. Increasing Circulation: Poor blood and lymph circulation in the affected area can result in swelling and inflammation, which further worsens the problem. It also stops the repair of connective tissues and formation of collagen that play important roles in the looks of the skin. If blood and lymph circulation stay poor for a long time, stiffened collagen bands can be created around the fat gobbets, aggravating the cellulite and making it more difficult to eliminate.

reduce fat

Fortunately there are easy ways to get rid of cellulite. Let’s see.

Weight Lifting

Women hardly realize that weight lifting exercise is important for them too. Weight lifting exercise makes blood and lymph move in the affected areas which reduces the appearance of cellulite. Another benefit of weight lifting for cellulite is it offers you muscle growth because of which every part of your body tightens naturally and looks smoother and fuller, rather than the “skin fat” physique.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If your diet contains excessive amount of omega-6 fatty acids and less omega-3s, you have high chances of developing various diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Omega-3 fatty acids not only decrease the risk of these diseases but also stimulate production of collagen which can reduce cellulite. Fish oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, so are nuts.


Even if you are not overweight, you can have stubborn fat with the risk of developing cellulite. Therefore both types of people – with and without cellulite – should take a diet that will lose stubborn fat. Some ingredients of such a diet are green tea extract and caffeine.

Home Remedies

You can fight cellulite on the home front with lots of home remedies like coffee scrubs, dry skin brushing, massage with oils like olive and juniper and exercising.

Skin brushing is important regardless of whether you have or have not cellulite. It invigorates skin by improving lymphatic flow thereby detoxifies the body and softens skin.

Coffee is a known invigorant. It has the same action when applied to your skin. It improves blood circulation in the area of application.

An excellent remedy to get rid of cellulite is to have a mixture of lemon juice and cayenne pepper thrice in a day. This detoxifies your body and improves elasticity.

cellulite-free skin

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