About Invisalign and Tradicional braces

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Traditional and InvisalignInvisalign is a new product in the region of orthodontics. Designed to be a subsitute for traditional braces, Invisalign, or clear braces as these products are also named, can be considered to be a major development in the subject of cosmetic dentistry. Standard braces are made out of metal and are constant additions to the teeth up to the day that they are taken out. Even though they can now be fitted in a number of shades, and contain wires of differing thicknesses, they are extremely conspicuous in the mouth. Invisalign however follows quite a different concept.

A clear moulding of the person’s teeth is manufactured, with slight corrections to the existing alignment. This fitting can then be fitted onto the teeth, where it can gradually force them into position. When Invisalign is put into the mouth it is nearly invisible, meaning that many patients prefer this treatment to that of standard braces.
A principal aspect of Invisalign is that it can be taken out. The wearer can extract it when they are eating or drinking, and also to brush the teeth. This is a huge benefit over old-fashioned braces, which massively affect dental hygiene. Along with being they permanent fittings within the mouth, they can be the source of tooth decay and discolouration of the enamel. As the wearer cannot efficiently brush the teeth when the braces are inserted, plaque will normally begin to accumulate rapidly. As the braces can be in place for quite a few years, this could be a large problem. Further to this metal braces block X-rays. Therefore it is useless for the mouth to be X-rayed when the braces are attached. This means that a number of dental complications might stay undiscovered for months if not years, until the braces are extracted. None of these issues exist when Invisalign is used.
Another key difference between Invisalign and traditional braces is that a treatment with invisible braces usually doesn’t require for as long as a procedure with standard braces. The normal time period required for a procedure with traditional braces is 3 years. However courses of treatment with Invisalign may be done within 18 months, and some require only a year. This is counter-intuitive as Invisalign moulds create lower pressure onto the teeth than metal braces. As a result of this they are less painful to use, as they gently push the teeth into alignment. After traditional braces have been adjusted however, they simply pull the teeth into alignment. People who choose Invisalign will have to visit their orthodontist more frequently however. Remoulded Invisalign moulds should be supplied every fortnight, but typical braces only have to be tightened on six week intervals.
Those who would rather utilise Invisalign clear braces as opposed to standard orthodontic braces should remember that this method may be considerably more expensive than usual treatments. Along with this those who use Invisalign should always be certain that they keep the Invisalign fittings in the mouth for at least 20-22 hours daily. Usually this is not a problem however, since the transparent braces are practically invisible, and they are comfortable to wear.

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