Which Problems can You Get Cured from an Otorhinolaryngologist?

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otorrinoenmonterreyOtorhinolaryngology is a branch of medicines that involves the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of disorders, abnormalities, diseases and other problems in ears, nose and throat, along with that in neck, head, sinuses, mouth and voice box (larynx).

Otorhinolaryngologists are also known as ENT specialists. Besides medical management, they are also trained to conduct surgeries on the above-mentioned body parts, including plastic or reconstructive surgeries.

In which Diseases can You Get Help from Otorhinolaryngologists?

Otorhinolaryngologists like that at otorrinoenmonterrey can diagnose and manage various conditions of ears, nose, larynx, sinuses, throat and mouth, and also structures of face and neck.


A unique field of otorhinolaryngologists is the treatment of ear diseases. They get training in both medical as well as surgical treatment of ear infections, hearing loss, ear noise (tinnitus), balance disorders and certain cranial nerve disorders. They also treat congenital (since birth) disorders of the inner and outer ear.


Chronic sinusitis is becoming a common health complaint. Care of sinuses and nasal cavity is one of the basic skills otorhinolaryngologists learn. Disorders in nasal area include smell disorders, allergies, nasal obstruction because of a deviated septum and polyps.


Throat is an important organ that we need for communicating (speech, singing) and eating. Managing disorders of throat, voice box (larynx) and upper aero-digestive tract or esophagus, including swallowing and voice disorders is also specific to otorhinolaryngologists.

Neck and Head

These two areas of our body include important organs that work for hearing, smell, sight and appearance of face. Otorhinolaryngologists get training to treat facial trauma, benign as well as malignant tumors, infections and defects in the face. They conduct both cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Areas of Expertise in Otorhinolaryngology


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Treatment is done through medications, allergy shots (immunotherapy) and/or prevention of dust, pollen, food, mold and other sensitive objects that may affect ear, nose and throat.

Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Functional, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of abnormalities of the neck, face and ear

Neck and Head

Cancerous as well as non-cancerous tumors in neck and head (mouth, voice box, nose/sinuses, throat and upper esophagus), including thyroid and parathyroid


Diseases of throat including swallowing and voice problems


Diseases of ear, including infections, trauma (injury), benign tumors and disorders of nerve pathways which affect balance and hearing


Diseases of nose and sinuses

Pediatric Otolaryngology

Diseases in children that involve special problems such as birth defects of the neck and head, as well as developmental delays

So, if you or your beloved ones are suffering from these disorders, you should immediately see an otorhinolaryngologist and get the problem treated to lead a happy life.

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