3 Important Reasons Why You Should Always Choose an Experienced Eye Doctor

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You must know that your eyes are one of the most important and most delicate organs of your body. You can take the health of many other organs lightly, but not of eyes. When it comes to eye problems, you should at once schedule a visit to an eye doctor and get your eyes checked. But even if you have no eye problem, you should get your eyes checked regularly so that there would be no eye problems in the future or if there is any hidden problem, it can be diagnosed and treated on time. However, you should also take care to find an experienced eye doctor, since such a doctor can correctly diagnose your problem quickly and start the right treatment.

1. Vision Screening is Not Enough

If you think that as you’ve passed a vision screening at the motor vehicle department or your child has passed the same at her school, yours or her vision is perfect, you may be wrong.

Vision screenings can only identify very serious vision problems which are obvious. Also, they can find out problems related to a specific visual task like figuring out road signs and other objects while driving a vehicle or seeing a chalkboard in the classroom clearly.

On the other hand, an experienced eye doctor such as an eye specialist in Kharghar at Laxmi Eye Institute which is one of the largest eye hospitals in India will conduct a comprehensive eye exam. This can ensure your vision is problem-free or not and you have or don’t have any serious eye disease, like eye cancer, glaucoma etc.

2. Can Save Your Child from Myopia and Other Eye Problems

Studies say that the number of myopic children is rising day by day. Also, children are developing myopia at a very early age in an increasing number. Such children are at a greater risk of developing very serious eye conditions, such retinal detachment, cataract and glaucoma, in the future.

Only solution to this is to get your child’s eyes examined annually by an experienced ophthalmologist. An experienced eye doctor can detect signs of myopia early on and start the treatment to slow down the progression of myopia, and thereby reduce the risk of developing serious eye conditions later in your child’s life.

3. Can Detect Other Serious Health Problems

You may be surprised to know that many serious health conditions including increased cholesterol level, hypertension, diabetes and even cancer can be detected from a routine eye checkup by an experienced eye doctor. This is because the examination of the blood vessels of your retina can reveal to your eye doctor the health of blood vessels across your body. Visible changes in the retinal blood vessels can help your eye doctor find if a serious disease has made its presence elsewhere in the body. Detecting the condition early on can help treat it on time and eventually cure it.

So, have you started looking for an experienced eye doctor near you?

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